Product updates

Managing Custom Locations

Quartix now gives you the ability to better upload and manage your custom locations. If your fleet vehicles visit large numbers of sites which routinely change, you can easily remove redundant sites by setting up an expiration date on each location.

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Trip Reporter

Quartix has released a new report to show trips for many vehicles over numerous days. It offers a simple way to see a fleet’s total mileage, driving hours and idling time over any time period.

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New Daily Group Report

For those of you who currently receive and use our Daily Group Reports, Quartix has now made it easier for you to view and analyse the information they contain for larger groups of vehicles on one sheet.

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Updated Driving Style Score Algorithm

As part of our ongoing programme of development, the algorithm used to calculate driving style scores has been updated to better reflect the results from current vehicle tracking data compared to the data that was used when this was originally implemented 2 years ago.

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New menu structure

Quartix has introduced a new menu structure to improve navigation. Under the new structure, navigation is optimised with the reports grouped around business applications.

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Time-on-Site Reports

Quartix system’s time-on-site reports allow you to pick a location and compile a report of each one of your vehicles that has visited that site in the chosen period, revealing the time spent there.

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