Daily driver logs

Get the details on your drivers' daily activities

Available online or by email, our driver logs are in an easy-to-read format with each day broken down by trips taken.  You can adjust the level of detail you want for each vehicle.  Stops with the ignition on and short movements around a site can be filtered out.  View the total mileage for the day, and manage fuel wastage by seeing how much time was spent idling.

Step through every trip taken on any day

Need to find out if your driver’s routes are overlapping? Quartix shows you all the journeys taken on a day, with each waypoint marked for direction and speed.

See what time your driver left in the morning, and what time they arrived on site.  Click on any of the waypoints to see exactly how fast the driver was traveling.

Customize the places your fleets visit the most

Whether it’s your office, depot, or a client’s location, Quartix lets you assign personalized names to locations that you visit often, so you can easily identify them on your daily driver logs and reports.

Try our demo

See for yourself how Quartix works with our fully interactive real-time demo.

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