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The Quartix system is backed by over 20 years of experience in the telematics industry. Our GPS trackers have been installed in over 600,000 vehicles across the UK, US and Europe. Every day, 20,000 businesses experience the many benefits of using the Quartix fleet tracking system.

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Complete visibility of your fleet, wherever you are

Know the exact GPS location of your fleet, 24/7. Quartix gives you the right tools to reduce unauthorised vehicle use and manage a productive fleet.

Demonstrate efficiency with our live fleet tracking GPS maps and postcode lookup. Get your team to more jobs each day and respond to customers' needs. 

Training your staff to improve their driving style is easy with our in-depth reports. Drive down costs by encouraging safe and economical driving behaviour. 

What do you get with Quartix?

Free tracking GPS device and installation

Flexible 1 year contracts

* Boost business productivity and validate staff hours

* Improve driving styles with in-depth reports

* Know when drivers enter or leave defined zones

* Customise location data and get email alerts

Quartix fleet tracking provides a record of every journey your drivers make, with start, finish and idling times. See the exact routes taken and the speed of the vehicle at each waypoint; A simple click displays these in Google Street View to give you a similar view to your driver. 

* Geofencing zones

* Engine hours 

* Driver timesheets

Draw prohibited zones and set alerts for when your vehicles cross those boundaries. Label frequently visited locations for easier identification in your reports. Quartix has all the features to help your fleet stay on track.

Transform your fleet operations


Transform your fleet operations today

Helping 20,000 businesses worldwide

“Knowing where time is lost helps us improve our service and capacity immensely.”

Jack Armstrong, SS Landscaping Services


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