Create your own geographic zones

If your vehicles need to be either in or out of certain areas at defined times, geofencing can alert you in real-time if ever those rules are broken.  Get started by simply marking out the desired zone on our map with an easy drawing tool.  We allow you to have unlimited geofence zones.

Geofencing Alerts Quartix Ireland

Define mandatory or prohibited zones

Establish the rules for each zone.  In mandatory mode, the vehicles must be inside the defined zone during the designated times; in prohibited mode, they must not enter the zone.  For example:

A business owner wants to be sure that employees are not returning home during the working day.

Solution – Designate the driver’s home as a ‘Quartix Named Location: Prohibited Zone’ on weekdays between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

A city fleet manager needs to make sure that her vehicles remain within the city boundary at all times.

Solution – Create a geofence around the city and set it as a mandatory zone. Any vehicles that leave the zone will trigger an alert.

Real-time alerts

If the geofencing rules are broken, an alert will be emailed so that the behavior can be investigated and corrected right away, giving you another element of control over your fleet.  Alerts are unlimited and are all covered in the cost of the monthly subscription.

Vehicle speed reports

Health and safety are of paramount importance in the management of a mobile workforce.
The monthly speed report complements the driving style tools by summarising all speeding incidents for individual groups or the fleet as a whole, covering a whole month. It works in the following way:

  • Select the group of vehicles, month and minimum speed threshold – for example 70 mph
  • See the speed, date and time of each incidence, together with the time spent above the speed threshold
  • Links to daily route maps for the location of the incident

Try our demo

See for yourself how Quartix works with our fully interactive real-time demo.

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