Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking at your fingertips

Use Quartix live tracking to view your vehicles in real-time, at any time, from any device.  No additional software is necessary; everything is accessible from the internet.

  • Locate your vehicles 24/7
  • Follow them with Google Maps
  • Analyse their daily activity
vehicle tracking

Driver timesheets

Daily logs and timesheets are clear, easy to read, and customisable for each vehicle and driver.  Short trips, such as around a depot, can be viewed or filtered out as needed.

  • See start and end times and locations
  • Get automatically-generated reports
  • Verify activity on specific dates

Driving style analysis

Training your staff to improve their driving style is easy with Quartix.  Our range of reports gives you all the data you need to influence and encourage safe, economical driving behaviour.

  • Monitor speed, acceleration, and braking profiles
  • Compare vehicles across your fleet
  • Review data with drivers and make changes

Geofencing alerts

Alerts allow you to respond to unauthorised movements by your vehicles in real-time.  You’ll also get reports that summarise all speeding incidents in your fleet, covering a whole month.

  • Create geographic zones
  • Set rules and times for each
  • Receive alerts when rules are broken

Fleet management tools

Management tools ensure you never miss important deadlines. Accurately analyse and forecast fleet usage and see vehicles that are under-utilised.

  • Improve vehicle operations and utilisation
  • Monitor engine hours to avoid non-compliance
  • Verify how long workers were on site
  • View service and inspection dates across your fleet

System configuration

You can customise Quartix vehicle tracking to meet your needs. Each vehicle can be configured in order to tailor the reports to your needs, either by us or by you.

  • Edit driver/vehicle details and set up groups
  • Add MOT, tax, service and insurance renewal dates
  • Manage custom locations, privacy hours and geofences

Tracking device options

Quartix offers many tracking device installation options that range from engineer installed, hard-wired solutions to simple self-install plug in devices.

  • Hard-wired, engineer installed tracking devices
  • Two-wire, self-install battery connected option
  • OBD plug-in devices that are easy to switch between vehicles

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    • Track the live position of vehicles
    • Review historical tracking data
    • Receive detailed driver reports
    • Check driver league table positions
    • Get alerts for unauthorised moves
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