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How Telematics Data Shifts Drivers Attitudes Towards Safety

Telematics data can help make company drivers think twice before engaging in risky driving behaviours that could cost more than just money.

La géolocalisation de véhicules offre de nombreux avantages aux entreprises

The silent witness:  How vehicle tracking can defend your fleet against vehicle cloning

Vehicle cloning can happen to anyone, but there is a way to protect your business: by installing a vehicle tracking system.

The effects of bad driving behaviour on the costs of vehicle maintenance

Poor driving habits can have a significant impact on the costs of maintaining your vehicles by increasing wear and tear and heightening the chance of serious accidents.

The true costs of engine idling

Vehicle tracking can help you identify bad driving habits like excessive idling and help you work towards eliminating it. This blog will look at the true and hidden costs of engine idling for fleets and discuss how best to minimise those costs for maximum savings.

Company Vehicle Tire Health

The importance of monitoring staff vehicle checks

By monitoring regular vehicle checks closely, you get insight into how well your fleet is performing and can take action to correct any problems.

Looking back at 2021

We’d like to share some memories as we look back at a challenging, but ultimately successful 2021 here at Quartix.  

How vehicle tracking can help maintain a healthy fleet during times of inactivity

Vehicle tracking is always a valuable tool for a business that relies on its mobility, but it can be just as useful to your fleet during periods of inactivity.

20 years of Quartix vehicle tracking

20 Years of Vehicle Tracking

To mark the 20th anniversary of Quartix vehicle tracking, we wanted to take the chance to reflect on our journey. Quartix started with one mission – to enable businesses to build efficient fleet operations. We couldn’t be prouder of how far Quartix has come in the last two decades.

Vehicle Tracking Prices

How much does vehicle tracking cost in 2021?

We’ve answered your top ten questions in this guide to vehicle tracking prices to help understand what to expect from a supplier. You will find a checklist of questions to ask, to help you determine whether there are any hidden costs.

The basics of eco-driving

Eco-driving, or energy-efficient driving, is a way of driving that reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while decreasing the risk of accidents.

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