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Great British Fleet Event

Meet Quartix at the Great British Fleet Event

Quartix will be exhibiting at the Great British Fleet Event on 30 January in London.  Attendees to the event can meet the Quartix staff, hear about our award-winning vehicle tracking system, and learn how it can help them streamline operations and cut costs.  “GBFE is a chance for us to meet our customers and future […]

3 reasons your fleet needs an integrated dashcam solution

Dashcams are increasingly cited as the best way to improve safety for a commercial fleet of vehicles. But there are other benefits to adopting dashcams as part of your telematics solution, for your drivers, your business and everyone else.

How vehicle tracking helps a landscaper throughout the day

For a landscaping business, every day can bring new challenges and opportunities. Vehicle tracking can help you, the landscaper, overcome those challenges, from early morning work scheduling to after-hours vehicle monitoring.  No matter the time of day, having a tracking system allows you to improve your business’s productivity, accounting and safety, while still having enough […]

Finding the right vehicle tracking company

Once you’ve identified a vehicle tracking system that meets your business’s needs, it’s a good idea to consider the company in which you would be investing. Are they easily reached for any sales questions? Are you going to get quick and friendly support when you need it? Are the contract terms and payment schedules transparent […]

20 Vehicle Tracking Terms You Need to Know

In your search for the right telematics system, it’s likely that you’ve come across certain words and terminology that were unfamiliar in the context of vehicle tracking. For example, we all know that a ‘trip’ means a journey, but what exactly defines a ‘trip’ on a vehicle tracking report? In this telematics glossary, we explain 20 terms that you might find useful when reading about vehicle tracking systems.

Tracking Device Options

Once you’ve arrived at the decision to get vehicle tracking, the next choice you must make is what type of tracking device will be best for your business. This will depend on the unique needs of your company, however some things to consider are: What types of vehicles make up your fleet? Are they driven […]

Take your customer service to the next level with van tracking

Businesses that use vans for deliveries or for carrying equipment between various sites benefit from the complete visibility that van tracking provides. Along with the overall advantages that telematics offers a business, such as instant access to trip reports and driving style analysis for its fleet, a vehicle tracking system enables companies to achieve excellent customer service. Driver location […]

Newtown’s Ladywell Centre Gets A New Lease Of Life

Quartix has signed a lease with property owner EvaBuild Developments with the aim of bringing together under one roof more than 120 employees. The regenerated Ladywell Shopping Centre in Newtown is undergoing a major refurbishment to become the new headquarters of Quartix, the internationally recognised vehicle tracking supplier. Quartix has signed a lease with property […]

The basics of eco-driving

Eco-driving, or energy-efficient driving, is a way of driving that reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while decreasing the risk of accidents. For companies who adopt eco-driving, it can lead to significant savings, both in terms of fuel use and vehicle maintenance. Embarking on an eco-driving initiative requires thought, planning, and awareness. The idea is […]

Using Vehicle Tracking to Streamline Your Business Operations

The cost savings that a business can achieve is one of the biggest benefits that results from implementing a good vehicle tracking system. But what reports will give you the tools you need to create them?  We’ll explain how to make those savings a reality for your company. You can divide the savings that businesses […]

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