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fleet manager and driver reviewing driving performance

Improving driver performance: The pros, cons and alternatives to in-cab feedback

Many vehicle tracking companies have an in-cab feedback option as a way to improve driver behaviour and reduce the risk of accidents, but there are several reasons why it might not be best for your business.

Daniel Martinez Da Costa

Meet the Team: Daniel Martinez Da Costa, Global Paid Media Lead

In this Meet the Team, we talk to Daniel Da Costa about Marketing role as the Global Paid Media Lead, his family and his recent move from Spain.

Fuel Savings ROI Vehicle Tracking

Reducing the costs of operating a busy fleet

Companies operating in the logistics and haulage industry or passenger transport will likely find that fuel and vehicle maintenance is one of their biggest business expenditures. We'll explain how a vehicle tracking system can help a business transform its fleet operations and drive down fuel and maintenance costs.

Engineer site-based worker with tracked vehicle

How does vehicle tracking create savings for site-based work?

For many businesses, company vehicles remain at work sites for long periods and are only used to make short journeys. When can a vehicle tracking system create savings for a business in these situations? The answer is 24/7. We'll look at five different ways that ROI can be achieved.

uk tracked vans at depot

What does UK law say about vehicle tracking?

Every year, vehicle tracking technology advances further, and the ability to monitor vehicles becomes more accurate and precise. But these advancements also come with legal responsibilities for business owners and fleet managers.

temperature monitoring

How does a vehicle tracking system monitor vehicle temperatures?

Transport suppliers must guarantee that foods or medicines have been kept at a proper temperature and be able to prove it to the customer. Quartix vehicle tracking can help. Using the same technology that makes vehicle tracking possible, our temperature monitoring alerts keep you informed of temperature changes that could seriously affect goods and products.

20 years of Quartix vehicle tracking

20 Years of Vehicle Tracking

To mark the 20th anniversary of Quartix vehicle tracking, we wanted to take the chance to reflect on our journey. Quartix started with one mission – to enable businesses to build efficient fleet operations. We couldn’t be prouder of how far Quartix has come in the last two decades.

ultra low emission zone signage

Ultra low emission zones: How can you prepare your fleet?

As a fleet manager or business owner, you need to have a plan for navigating ultra low emission zones and other congestions areas. Find out what's involved and how vehicle tracking can help.

What the new COVID tier system means for fleet travel

Learn how vehicle tracking can help you manage your fleet during the pandemic. Use geofencing and more to manage travel between COVID tiers.

Vehicle Tracking Prices

How much does vehicle tracking cost in 2021?

We’ve answered your top ten questions in this guide to vehicle tracking prices to help understand what to expect from a supplier. You will find a checklist of questions to ask, to help you determine whether there are any hidden costs.

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