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Which dashcam should you choose? Evaluating key features for fleet vehicles

Dashcams are invaluable in the event of a traffic collision. However, the market is flooded with dashcam options and features. Wondering which key dashcam features to consider for your fleet of vehicles, such as AI behaviour detection? We help you make an informed decision for your business.

Driver in white van

Getting driver buy-in on fleet dashcams

We debunk these common misconceptions about the use of fleet dashcams to help you reassure your drivers and encourage staff buy-in.

Connected dashcam options and system

The Benefits of Fleet Dashcams for Businesses

Fleet dashcams can capture video footage of the road ahead of a vehicle, the road behind or of the vehicle interior and the driver. Find out more about the benefits of installing dashcams in your business vehicles.

23 years of Quartix

Quartix: Celebrating 23 Years of Innovation, Expansion and Success

Exactly 23 years ago, on 14 February 2001, Quartix took its first steps as a company committed to providing innovative solutions for fleet tracking and management.

Driver Safety Road Risk Podcast

Driver roadworthiness: The key to incident prevention, with Mark Cartwright of National Highways

Get valuable road safety insights from Mark Cartwright of National Highways: tackling vehicle risks, prioritising driver well-being, and leveraging fleet tracking data.

The Importance of Vehicle Checks for Your Fleet During Winter Months

It's especially important that your fleet's vehicles are in top condition during winter months. Performing regular checks can help keep your drivers safe on potentially unsafe roads.

How telematics can help your fleet comply with 20mph speed limits

For fleet managers, adapting to the new 20mph speed limits across the UK can be a challenge. Find out how vehicle tracking can help your fleet comply.

The Fleet Insider: A spotlight on driver coaching with Jason Fitzgerald

Jason Fitzgerald, Commercial Director ay Praiso joins us for the third episode of The Fleet Insider podcast. We discuss critical aspects of fleet safety and how technology can play a pivotal role in nurturing improved driving habits among your team of drivers.

Insights from Transport Manager, Paul Mullins

Hear an exclusive conversation with Paul Mullins, National Transport Manager at FullFibre, in the second episode of The Fleet Insider podcast. Paul offers invaluable insights and anecdotes, and provides a deeper understanding of his profession.

What we learned at Fleet & Mobility Live 2023

We attended Fleet News's Fleet & Mobility Live show and we learned a lot about what our customers are facing while showing them how we can help.

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