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How does vehicle tracking calculate and use driver scores?

Quartix provides an easy-to-understand, colour-coded score for each vehicle or driver in a fleet, so that fleet managers can instantly recognise which drivers need to improve their skills. This score is calculated by looking at two important areas of driver performance.

keeping safe

Keeping your drivers safe in the Covid-19 pandemic

Drivers must take extra care to protect themselves and stay healthy while they are supporting the community. Here are a few essential, preventative measures for you and your drivers to keep in mind if you are still out delivering essentials during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tips for running a greener fleet

Operating a greener fleet reduces carbon emissions reduces costs and increases productivity for businesses of all sizes. In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re exploring the different ways companies can “go green.”

3 Unexpected Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Geofencing

Geofencing helps you control whether your vehicles are in or out of certain areas at defined times. But there are lesser-known benefits for your business.


Unlocking the value of vehicle tracking data in the Public Sector

GreenFleet talks to our Head of Sales, Sean Maher, about unlocking the value of vehicle tracking data for the Public Sector. The interview covers everything from reducing carbon emissions and recording grey fleet miles, to the concept of 'mobility' in cities.

What are the barriers to adopting electric vehicles for your fleet?

A new report from the FTA outlines the barriers to adopting electric vehicles (or EVs). The three main reasons cited are cost, accessibility and reliability. We take a look at the findings in this post.

Great British Fleet Event

Meet Quartix at the Great British Fleet Event

Quartix will be exhibiting at the Great British Fleet Event on 30 January in London.  Attendees to the event can meet the Quartix staff, hear about our award-winning vehicle tracking system, and learn how it can help them streamline operations and cut costs.  “GBFE is a chance for us to meet our customers and future […]


3 reasons your fleet needs an integrated dashcam solution

Dashcams are increasingly cited as the best way to improve safety for a commercial fleet of vehicles. But there are other benefits to adopting dashcams as part of your telematics solution, for your drivers, your business and everyone else.

How vehicle tracking helps a landscaper throughout the day

For a landscaping business, every day can bring new challenges and opportunities. Vehicle tracking can help you, the landscaper, overcome those challenges, from early morning work scheduling to after-hours vehicle monitoring.  No matter the time of day, having a tracking system allows you to improve your business’s productivity, accounting and safety, while still having enough […]

Vehicle tracking systems

Finding the right vehicle tracking company

Once you’ve identified a vehicle tracking system that meets your business’s needs, it’s a good idea to consider the company in which you would be investing. Are they easily reached for any sales questions? Are you going to get quick and friendly support when you need it? Are the contract terms and payment schedules transparent […]

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