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Five Lessons You Can Learn from Your Telematics System

There are many lessons you can learn from your telematics system, but here's five of them, not in our words, but in the words of the people who use it every day--our customers.

Tune into our Podcast: The Fleet Insider

The Fleet Insider gets under the hood of commercial fleets in the UK. Join us as we meet fleet managers from across the country, who share their thoughts and advice.

Chris Lane University of Birmingham Quartix Webinar

The cost-saving benefits of telematics for University fleet operators

Hear how Chris Lane, PPT Services Manager at the University of Birmingham, uses telematics to reduce fleet costs and meet decarbonisation targets.

Safe Speed Data Crashed Van

How telematics data shifts drivers attitudes towards safety

Telematics data can help make company drivers think twice before engaging in risky driving behaviours that could cost more than just money.

The true costs of engine idling

There can be significant costs associated with engine idling. We explore the benefits of identifying excessive idling within your fleet.

Review and elevate your customers’ experience

We asked Investor in Customers to offer their expert advice on how businesses can take their customer experience (CX) to the next level.

Company Vehicle Tire Health

The importance of monitoring staff vehicle checks

By monitoring regular vehicle checks closely, you get insight into how well your fleet is performing and can take action to correct any problems.

The effects of bad driving behaviour on the costs of vehicle maintenance

Poor driving habits can impact the costs of maintaining your vehicles by increasing wear and tear and heightening the chance of serious accidents.

van driver in urban area

The silent witness:  How vehicle tracking can defend your fleet against vehicle cloning

Vehicle cloning can happen to anyone, but there is a way to protect your business: by installing a vehicle tracking system.

4 Unexpected Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Geofencing

Geofencing helps you control whether your vehicles are in or out of certain areas at defined times. Did you know these four clever ways of using the feature?

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