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Creating costs savings and new efficiencies are key areas of fleet management. Browse our articles about how telematics insights can super-charge these outcomes for your business.

Podcast Speaker Simon Brown Vansdirect

Behind the scenes of fleet van sales with Simon Brown of Vansdirect

Fleet Sales Manager at Vansdirect, Simon Brown, gives us his unique insights into the changing demands of fleet vehicle sourcing, and more, in this episode of The Fleet Insider.

Connected dashcam options and system

The Benefits of Fleet Dashcams for Businesses

Fleet dashcams can capture video footage of the road ahead of a vehicle, the road behind or of the vehicle interior and the driver. Find out more about the benefits of installing dashcams in your business vehicles.


Insights from Transport Manager, Paul Mullins

Hear an exclusive conversation with Paul Mullins, National Transport Manager at FullFibre, in the second episode of The Fleet Insider podcast. Paul offers invaluable insights and anecdotes, and provides a deeper understanding of his profession.

Case study


"There are so many positives we can see with Quartix telematics. Without a doubt, businesses benefit from everything they get from the Quartix system. The rewards far outweigh the investment."


Five Lessons You Can Learn from Your Telematics System

There are many lessons you can learn from your telematics system, but here's five of them, not in our words, but in the words of the people who use it every day--our customers.


Tune into our Podcast: The Fleet Insider

The Fleet Insider gets under the hood of commercial fleets in the UK. Join us as we meet fleet managers from across the country, who share their thoughts and advice.

Chris Lane University of Birmingham Quartix Webinar

The cost-saving benefits of telematics for University fleet operators

Hear how Chris Lane, PPT Services Manager at the University of Birmingham, uses telematics to reduce fleet costs and meet decarbonisation targets.


The true costs of engine idling

There can be significant costs associated with engine idling. We explore the benefits of identifying excessive idling within your fleet.


The effects of bad driving behaviour on the costs of vehicle maintenance

Poor driving habits can impact the costs of maintaining your vehicles by increasing wear and tear and heightening the chance of serious accidents.

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