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Five Lessons You Can Learn from Your Telematics System

There are many lessons you can learn from your telematics system, but here's five of them, not in our words, but in the words of the people who use it every day--our customers.

Tune into our Podcast: The Fleet Insider

The Fleet Insider gets under the hood of commercial fleets in the UK. Join us as we meet fleet managers from across the country, who share their thoughts and advice.

Chris Lane University of Birmingham Quartix Webinar

The cost-saving benefits of telematics for University fleet operators

Hear how Chris Lane, PPT Services Manager at the University of Birmingham, uses telematics to reduce fleet costs and meet decarbonisation targets.

Fleet management eBooks and guides

The Complete Guide to the Quartix Mobile App

Understand how to use the Quartix app, a free benefit of the Quartix vehicle tracking system that allows you to connect with your fleet at any time of day, wherever you are.

The Quartix Guide to Vehicle Tracking Laws

A comprehensive guide to the legal requirements for businesses that utilise a vehicle tracking system.

vehicle tracking driver

Reducing the Costs of Operating a Busy Fleet

Fuel and fleet maintenance can be the biggest expenses for some businesses. We explain how a vehicle tracking system can help drive down these costs in this step-by-step guide.

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Bridgend County Borough Council Electric Fleet Planning

Bridgend County Borough Council Electric Fleet Planning

Fleet Workshop Manager, Denzil Calford explains how Bridgend CBC uses Quartix's EV fleet planning tool, EVolve, to make informed fleet procurement decisions.

What is the Quartix SafeSpeed Database?

What is the Quartix SafeSpeed Database?

Sales Director, Sean Maher, explains Quartix's unique SafeSpeed Database and how it can make your drivers, and the UK roads system, safer.

M&Y Maintenance and Construction Telematics Case Study

M&Y Maintenance and Construction Telematics Case Study

Hear Fleet Manager Justin Toole's key objectives that a telematics system needed to support and why he selected Quartix.

Customer success stories


"There are so many positives we can see with Quartix telematics. Without a doubt, businesses benefit from everything they get from the Quartix system. The rewards far outweigh the investment."

David Meazey Rhondda Cynon Taff

Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council

"We needed the best tools to help us look at what we've got and see how we can do things better. The insights from EVolve help us to reduce or electrify the fleet wherever we can."

Denzil Calford Bridgend County Borough Council Fleet Quartix Case Study

Bridgend County Borough Council

"Quartix EVolve has completely altered the view we have of our fleet and how we can transition to electric vehicles. We can see how our vehicles are utilised, when and where they are parked up, and what charging infrastructure we need at those locations."

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Quartix gains IIC Gold Award for exceptional customer service

Investor in Customers (IIC) assesses how businesses understand, meet the needs of, and delight customers, as well as create customer loyalty.

Quartix launches vehicle check app at £2 per month

Quartix today announced it has launched a new app for fleets looking to improve safety and support compliance requirements around vehicle checks and driver safety.

Cambridgeshire Limited 2022 - leading company - Quartix

Quartix listed as a top 100 business

Cambridgeshire Limited is part of an annual series of business analysis by county initiated by Grant Thornton, which provides an in-depth financial analysis of the county’s 100 largest privately-owned companies based on turnover.

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