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Driving for work and running a fleet both carry significant risks that businesses must acknowledge. Browse our articles about the corporate responsibility of running a safe and compliant fleet, and how to minimise risk for your business.


Review and elevate your customers’ experience

We asked Investor in Customers to offer their expert advice on how businesses can take their customer experience (CX) to the next level.

Company Vehicle Tire Health

The importance of monitoring staff vehicle checks

By monitoring regular vehicle checks closely, you get insight into how well your fleet is performing and can take action to correct any problems.

Vehicle safety checks tyre pressure

Paperless vehicle checks and incident reports

With Quartix Check, your drivers can digitally capture vehicle safety inspections for your fleet, using default templates such as a daily van, car, or HGV inspections.

Case study
Jane Hatton J Tomlinson Fleet Manager

J Tomlinson

"We don’t have limiters on all our vans, so it’s important that we make sure they are driven at the correct speeds. The managers decide how to best act on the information we provide, and I have confidence in the system"

van driver in urban area

The silent witness:  How vehicle tracking can defend your fleet against vehicle cloning

Vehicle cloning can happen to anyone, but there is a way to protect your business: by installing a vehicle tracking system.


Quartix launches vehicle check app at £2 per month

Quartix today announced it has launched a new app for fleets looking to improve safety and support compliance requirements around vehicle checks and driver safety.


Managing Your Fleet: Are Spreadsheets Enough?

As a business owner or a fleet manager, spreadsheets and the data they contain can be a lifeline, a neat and handy way to organise your fleet’s data to make sure that your business is operating at peak efficiency.


Business vs. Private Mileage Guide

If your vehicles are driven for both business and personal use, vehicle tracking can help you define which miles fall into each category. 


Moving a tracker: How to maintain access to your data

Ensuring that you have uninterrupted access to your vehicle tracking data is our number one goal. Here's what to keep in mind when moving a tracker between vehicles.

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