SafeSpeed: Managing driver risk

What defines a safe speed?

A high rate of fatal accidents take place on rural roads, despite drivers rarely exceeding these roads’ legal speed limit. While it is important to enforce, low instances of speeding amongst a fleet is not always a sure-fire indicator of safe driving. Tight bends on 60mph roads should safely be taken at sub-30mph speeds, highlighting a crucial aspect of defining safe speeds – Context.

Using contextual speed to build a picture

Quartix provides a better measurement of safe speeds for your drivers; The Relative Speed Score uses contextual data to give a complete picture of their driving performance. By measuring the speed of thousands of vehicles every day across the country, Quartix has designed the award-winning SafeSpeed database.

Any driver’s speed, at any location, can be compared to the average speed of other vehicles that have travelled on that same section of road.

Quartix driver safety

Reducing driver risk

Quartix redefines speed limits for a safer fleet with the SafeSpeed database

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A better measurement of safety

The Relative Speed Score offers invaluable insight into driver safety. The colour-coded indicator shows you, overall, how much your driver is deviating from normal speeds on every part of the roads they travel, forecasting the level of risk they take.

Using this score, you can coach your drivers more effectively, improve their driving behaviour and prevent accidents.

Changing driver behaviour

The Relative Speed Score can be combined with other indicators to form a complete assessment of driver behaviour with practical uses. The daily driver score separately examines harsh acceleration and braking, while the speeding report shows instances of exceeding the legal speed. The Driver League table also ranks your fleet, allowing you to run competitions and incentives amongst your teams.

Quartix offers a whole suite of information to help you monitor driver progress and encourage better, safer habits.

Want to know more?

The development of the SafeSpeed database won Quartix a Queens Award for Innovation in 2018. It is compiled from hundreds of thousands of data points recorded using tracked vehicles all over the country. You can learn more about the technology in our free whitepaper.

Quartix provides an easy-to-understand, color-coded score for each vehicle or driver in a fleet, allowing fleet managers to instantly recognise which drivers need to improve their skills. 

The vehicle tracking system monitors the speed of vehicle every second. The system then calculates:  

  • The number of times per hour that the speed changes by more than a given amount between one second and the next; 
  • How severe the changes are; 
  • How long the vehicle has been driving. 

This calculation becomes the acceleration index and the braking index. To get the driving style score, the Quartix system:  

  • Adds up all the weighted acceleration and braking events; 
  • Factors in vehicle speed; 
  • Calculates the total driving time; 
  • Works out the acceleration and braking indexes; 
  • Averages these and subtracts from 100. 

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Via a Fleet Focus subscription, you can use an integrated dashcam to capture footage of your drivers trips and view this directly from the Quartix vehicle tracking daily route maps. You can view footage for an exact time between any two data points of a journey.

Download our free guide understand the many ways that vehicle tracking can help drivers improve their skills, protect them from false claims and keep them safe out on the roads.

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