Connected Fleet Tracking Dashcams

Protect your business and identify driver risk with our range of fleet tracking dashcams that integrate seamlessly with your Quartix fleet management system

What are the benefits of connected fleet tracking dashcams?

Connected fleet dashcams give you invaluable insights into driving incidents and driver behaviour directly within your Quartix fleet tracking system, allowing you to:

  • See full coverage of critical events
  • React quickly when a collision is detected
  • Eliminate fraudulent claims
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Identify distracted driving and other risks
  • Support driver coaching

Fleet tracking dashcams connected to your Quartix system

With Quartix connected fleet dashcams, you can:

  • See dashcam footage of specific trips directly from your Quartix fleet tracking route maps, complete with speed details and the direction of travel
  • Review a library of uploaded dashcam footage in a simple calendar format, including automatically triggered events and other requested videos

All the evidence you need is available within your Quartix system, giving you peace of mind that your business is safeguarded from fraudulent claims and your drivers are practicing responsible driving habits.

Instant access to recent driving footage

Up to 36 hours continuous driving footage archived on SD card

Access to footage, regardless of vehicle ignition status

Notifications and automatic video upload for events

Integrated video player with download button

Audio recording may be enabled by authorised user

Secure hardwired installation with local battery backup

Disconnection and tamper alerts

Dashcam video cover

Explore our connected fleet dashcam options

Forward-facing connected dashcam

Seamlessly integrated with our fleet tracking system, the forward-facing camera records footage of the road ahead. See HD footage from the driver’s point of view.

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Optional driver-facing camera

A second camera positioned in the cabin can play a critical role in identifying distracted driving behaviours such as mobile phone use.

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Integrated driver-facing dashcam

This HD front camera also has an inbuilt sub camera, allowing you to record both the road ahead and film within the cabin, using just one device.

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Forward-facing connected dashcam

Our forward-facing dashcam attaches to the windscreen and records full HD 1080p footage of the road ahead. Its wide viewing angle of 118 (HFoV) can be adjusted vertically to suit the vehicle and provide you with crystal clear accounts of every journey.

  • 118° viewing angle with 90° vertical adjustment
  • Full HD 1080p footage at up to 25fps

Optional driver-facing camera

Supplement your forward-facing dashcams with our additional in-cabin camera. Positioned toward the driver, this camera can help identify driver behaviour concerns or exonerate your staff from fraudulent claims concerning due care while driving.

  • 100° viewing angle (HFoV)
  • 720p footage at 12.5fps
  • Infrared illumination for night vision

Integrated driver-facing dashcam

Alternatively, opt for the integrated dual-camera dashcam, with its full HD 118° front camera and 90° integrated driver-facing sub camera. Record events on the road and within the cabin – all from one device. 

  • Forward-facing HD 1080p camera with 118° HFoV view
  • Plus in-built 90° HFoV driver-facing camera lens
  • Night vision, 720p at 12.5fps via the driver-facing camera

What is a dashcam event?

Configure your fleet tracking dashcam to trigger email alerts and automatically upload relevant footage to the Quartix system, so you can proactively respond to incidents as they happen.

You can trigger events when:

  • High shock is detected, such as a collision
  • The driver alert button is pressed

Your dashcam FAQs

Quartix connected dashcam solutions are securely hardwired to the vehicle.

Dashcams help you coach your drivers into safer driving habits, and protect them in the case of an unfair claims. Dashcam footage can play a critical role in proving your team member’s innocence whenever incidents occur.

Our dashcams allow you to retrieve recorded footage even when the vehicle ignition is off. You can disable the dashcam remotely, and the dashcam can be enabled even when the vehicle ignition is off, subject to 4G coverage.

Promote a culture of safety on the road and protect your business with connected fleet tracking dashcams

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