Enhanced Operational Efficiency for Transport and Delivery Services

Slash fleet running costs, extend vehicle life and transport your products safely with the top-rated fleet tracking system

Trusted by over 30,000 Fleet and Transport Managers worldwide

Real-time vehicle tracking that supports competitive first, middle, and last mile logistics

Improve your operations with our intuitive fleet tracking solution, tailored for LCVs, vans, trucks, and HGVs. From palletised consignments and loose goods delivery to passenger transport, we help businesses in competitive road freight, haulage, and express courier services achieve seamless supply chain management.

Faster order fulfilment

Complete visibility of your fleet

Overcome your transport and delivery management challenges and handle seamless distribution and fulfilment. Our dependable fleet tracking gives you the flexibility to rapidly fulfil customer orders and meet delivery requirements.

Locate your vans, trucks or HGVs at any time on a real-time fleet tracking map, from your desktop or via the free mobile app. See speed and direction of travel, traffic information, with unique vehicle icons and custom locations for easy identification.

  • Provide accurate ETAs for your customers and suppliers
  • Meet delivery deadlines by diverting drivers to avoid delays
  • Assign the closest driver to urgent jobs
  • Prepare to load or receive goods in optimal time
  • Let your team or your customers know about vehicle movements in or out of geographical zones

St Austell Brewery optimises distribution
fleet operations with Quartix

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Meet delivery requirements

Deliver optimum quality products

Ensure your goods arrive in peak condition with our integrated temperature monitoring probes that show you live-time vehicle temperatures on your fleet tracking map.

  • Refrigerated distribution of goods
  • Temperature probes transmit continuous temperature readings to the GPS tracker
  • Accuracy to +/- 0.5° C
  • Emailed alerts for out-of-range readings
  • Perfect for FMCG or fleets with specialised cargo

See driving hours and detailed trip reports for your teams and get timed collections and proof of delivery for your customers and suppliers.

Hit daily targets

Save time and money with Driver ID

Understand how your team is spending company time to ensure maximum efficiency with our fleet activity reports.

Taking an extra 2 hours break p/week at £30p/h costs £3,120 per staff member per year. Wasting your business’ time means missing your target number of drops in the day too.

Ensure your business offers a competitive product delivery or courier service by setting alerts for late departures and arrivals, and tailored management KPI reports such as making a number of deliveries by a certain time of day.

Lower maintenance costs

Extend the life of your fleet

Slash your fleet maintenance costs by monitoring driver behaviour with our driver scores and league tables.

Harsh braking and acceleration, and driving at high speeds, take their toll on a vehicle’s parts, especially on its tyres. Over a few months, a driver with a bad driving score can generate an extra £200 in fuel costs, an extra £2000 in vehicle repairs and 30 hours of workshop labour.

Top tip: Keep your fleet in top condition by giving your drivers the Quartix Check app. Capture regular vehicle inspections and review pass or fail alerts in one view.

  • Reduce vehicle wear and tear by monitoring driving styles
  • Curb costs and downtime with proactive fleet maintenance
  • Capture daily vehicle inspections with our driver app
  • Monitor fleet emissions with our CO2 reports

Join thousands of businesses cutting fleet fuel costs

Fuel is one of your largest fleet expenses. A fleet of 20 vehicles travelling up to 50,000 miles per year can spend upwards of £280,000 annually on fuel. Encourage fuel-efficient driving with our driver behaviour monitoring. Address unauthorised vehicle use with out of hours reports, and clamp down on vehicle idling with our daily reports.

See driver behaviour reports

Reduce fleet downtime

Streamline fleet operating costs 

Your business loses profit when trucks are kept waiting at disposal sites or a depots. Chase customers and suppliers that bring your productivity to a halt with the help of our waiting time reports.

Reduce fleet downtime by keeping track of vehicle service and MOT dates and plan ahead with our fleet utilisation reports.

Avoid unnecessary road charges such as ULEZ or tolls with geofence alerts to notify you when drivers pass through those areas.

  • Track waiting times
  • Schedule vehicle maintenance
  • Monitor unnecessary road charges

Maximise profits

Connect to Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange

Eliminate dead mileage and reduce costs by using our integrations with real-time freight and courier exchange platforms.

Access a wide network of available jobs or loads that match your vehicles’ routes, avoid travelling back to base empty and make every journey count.

  • Expand your reach and take on jobs nationwide
  • Find and complete jobs more efficiently
  • Maximise profits by picking up loads on return journeys
  • Avoid empty trips and make the best use of fuel and time

Minimise driver risks

Airtight fleet safety and risk management

Protect your drivers and your vans, trucks and HGVs with our suite of fleet safety features. Speed alerts, safe speed scores and driving hours help you stay compliant with the working time directive and ensure vehicles are driven responsibly.

Know which driver was behind the wheel with our driver ID magnetic key fobs and use the driver league table to follow up with drivers with bad driving scores.

  • Tracking individual trips and driving hours with driver ID fobs
  • Manage driver behaviour with reports and league tables
  • Promote safe speeds with our unique relative speed scores

Protect your drivers from false claims

Give your drivers peace of mind and promote accountability on the road with our range of commercial dashcams that shield your business from false claims. Become eligible for insurance premium discounts, speed up claims and get First Notification of Loss. Understand the benefits and encourage driver buy-in with our comprehensive guide to dashcam rollouts.

Guide to commercial dashcams

Hear it from businesses like yours

5 star trustpilot reviews

“Quartix is all about seeing what your vehicles are doing and getting the best driving style out of your drivers. It enables you to reduce accident costs, maintenance costs and see a better fuel economy.”

St Austell Brewery

“The ability to view the vehicles temperature ranges through the day, whilst the deliveries are made, is extremely useful.”

National Veterinary Services Ltd

“We received a recommendation from a local council who had implemented Quartix. With it installed, we’re better placed to give accurate, live, location updates to our service users”

East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership

“Earnings per truck are increasing. I can identify problems on a particular customer site, when a driver is delayed for their next drop, or if there is too much or too little time scheduled between drops.”

Rygor Group Services

“We deliver up to 1,000 pieces of carpet to customers across the UK each week and have trucks operating 24 hours a day out of four depots. We need to run an extremely ‘tight ship’ and are always looking to be as economical and productive as possible.”

Adam Carpets

“Quartix provides all the information that we need to carry out our day to day jobs. It’s simple to use, not overcomplicated and the support is excellent. The MOT/service date report saves us having to use separate software. We even had employees trying to be the best drivers each month!”

Sunseeker Yachts

“We were dedicated to optimise the use of our vehicles and cut costs whilst still delivering the excellent customer service we are renowned for. Quartix helps Reynolds Catering Supplies offer great flexibility and reliability, and deliver fresh produce from field to fork”


“An instant snapshot of where any one of my vehicles is at any given time. It provides an accurate breakdown of the miles covered, the average speed, and whether or not they’re using the most direct route”

Rygor Group Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quartix offers three types of vehicle tracking devices, all with slightly different installation processes, giving you the flexibility to choose which installation will suit your business.

The hardwired Quartix tracking device must be installed by a trained engineer. Although this is a quick process, it does require a small amount of vehicle downtime while our installers come on site to fix the devices into place. If you would prefer a self-install option, Quartix has two easy-install devices that are a less permanent fixture and can be moved between vehicles at your convenience.

Yes, we offer a free, direct phone line to our customer support team, so if there is ever an issue, you never have to go through an automated system to reach us. We make sure that calls reach a real person with the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to guide you through a sales, support or accounting query.

You can also find answers to your questions about our system and its features, 24/7, on our Knowledgebase. Video tutorials covering some of our most popular vehicle tracking tools are also available via our website. We hold a gold award in customer service from independent assessor IIC and maintain a five-star rating on Trustpilot.

Fleet tracking offers a range of benefits for delivery, transport and haulage companies, including reducing fleet running costs, extending vehicle life and transporting goods safely and efficiently.

Quartix Driver ID allows you to keep track of individual driver profiles when vehicles are not permanently assigned to a single employee.

Our standard driver ID option uses a small Dallas key fob reader affixed to the dashboard. Each driver is given their own Dallas key fob which, when placed on the magnetic reader, registers the driver in that vehicle, and records all trip-specific data for the individual driver. The driver ID solution includes a buzzer option to alert the driver if there is no key fob found at ignition on. The buzzer will continue to sound, while the ignition is on, until a key fob is placed on the reader.

Quartix provides a better measurement of safe speeds for your drivers; The Relative Speed Score uses contextual data to give a complete picture of their driving performance. By measuring the speed of thousands of vehicles every day across the country, Quartix has designed the award-winning SafeSpeed database. Any driver’s speed, at any location, can be compared to the average speed of other vehicles that have travelled on the same section of road.



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