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M&Y’s story


“I reviewed just about every telematics system out there. We were going to save money with Quartix and were able to confirm its system was exactly the right fit. The system has so many uses across our organisation – the planners are using it, it helps the supervisors do their job, and we use it to inform regular board-level decisions.” 

M&Y supplies electricians, decorators, plumbers, brick layers, and ground workers to service homes, and has its own construction team working on new builds. Justin Toole reviewed how the M&Y fleet was managed and found several ways to economise. Having selected Quartix due to its advanced fleet reporting, integration with FleetCheck fuel card software and excellent service, Justin can now see his data in one place. He uses Quartix features to validate staff hours and keep valuable logs of fleet activity, including journeys that incur extra business costs such as trips through the Mersey tunnel, congestion zones and waste disposal site visits.

Quartix allows Justin to achieve more in less time. “Quartix makes it easy to gather data. The beauty of the scheduled report function is that I only need to log in to search for extra information, everything else comes straight to me. I would rather spend time studying the data than producing it, so it’s an efficient way of working.”


Fleet Manager

Justin Toole


190 vehicles


13,000 homes in the North West

Why Quartix?


With our vehicle tracking system, many construction companies are saving time and money by discovering operational inefficiencies and driver risks. Quartix grades driver performance to show you which drivers would benefit from coaching to avoid taking further risks and prevent potential speeding fines from being issued. Our trip reports help you ensure teams are spending more time on-site and less time on the road. With this knowledge, you can identify areas to reduce fuel and maintenance costs while improving your business’ safety and productivity.

Your challenge


Our telematics system is a one-stop solution to help you validate staff hours, manage fleet safety and comply with regulations, all while moving closer to your net zero goals. Effortlessly reduce your business costs and improve fleet carbon efficiency by leveraging our comprehensive reports and dashboards.

Whether your teams deal with small or large scale construction projects – with Quartix you can ensure your fleet is running safely, the time your workers spend on site is logged accurately, and that their journey time is best spent.

“I reviewed just about every telematics system out there. We were going to save money with Quartix and were able to confirm its system was exactly the right fit.”

Justin Toole, Fleet Manager, M&Y Maintenance and Construction

K M Plant Hire & Groundworks Ltd

A versatile and intelligent fleet management tool

“Quartix provides a valuable, versatile and intelligent tool for Fleet and Transport Managers seeking to ensure compliance, optimise logistics, protect drivers from false claims, and add a vital layer of assurance and security to their fleet. I look forward to continuing to work with Quartix in the future, with the valued support of Paul Wickenden, as our provider of choice for the K M Fleet.”

Murray Ambler-Shattock

Group Strategic Operations, Research, Development & Innovation Manager

K M Group


Group Strategic Operations, Research, Development & Innovation Manager

Murray Ambler-Shattock


50+ vehicles


Wales & South West


Plant Hire, Utilities Installation and Repair, Construction and Groundworks



The unique Quartix SafeSpeed Database enables you to significantly reduce the chances of accidents by tracking a relative speed score for drivers. Our system gathers actual road user speed data from each and every roadway in the UK to define safe speeds, so you can be sure that your employees are driving responsibly.


Costain’s story

FORS Compliance

“Quartix’s vehicle tracking system is cost-effective and aligns with our FORS compliance requirements. One of the main reasons why Costain chose Quartix is the unique SafeSpeed scoring feature, which has provided us with valuable insights into driver behaviour. 

We have utilised several of the reports generated by the system to enhance our driver training courses, as well as providing greater awareness of idling and its impact on costs.”


Fleet & Procurement Co-Ordinator

Michael Skelton


700 commercial vehicles


Construction and Civil Engineering



Access fleet activity logs

Track your vehicles in real-time and stay informed in the event of a delay. Get detailed trip reports showing where your vehicles were located at all times so that you can confirm any customer queries regarding projects quickly and accurately. Show clients that you are taking all necessary precautions to ensure safety and satisfaction, by being able to confirm job timings as well as your fleet location at all times.

Know when vehicles leave site

Workers arriving late or leaving early can cost your business a great deal over time. Our geofencing alerts can be activated during certain hours to notify you if your vehicles enter or leave a site boundary at unexpected times. You can also use geofences to keep track of additional costs by creating these around ULEZ zones, waste disposal sites, or employee homes to monitor usage outside of work hours.

See driver behaviour scores

Ensure that your vehicles are driven safely and at the correct speeds when promoting your brand on the roads. Increase safety standards through driver behaviour coaching to reduce the risk of accidents, incidents, and speeding fines.

Validate employee hours

Analyse past vehicle usage data to determine the most efficient use of your fleet, plan for fleet downtime, reduce costs, and optimise maintenance schedules.

Unlock maximum efficiency for your construction fleet

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Sales Director


Andy Edwards

Head of Field Sales

North West

Nick Blake

Field Sales Manager

South East

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