Fleet Dashcam Solutions to Protect Your Fleet

Safeguard your business, promote accountability, and identify risks with our range of fleet dashcam solutions

Why choose Quartix fleet dashcam solutions?

Dashcams protect your business, promote accountability and a culture of safety on the road, and help to identify risks. Our range of fleet dashcam solutions enhance your fleet management toolkit, by helping you:

  • Gain visibility into critical events
  • Eliminate fraudulent claims
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Identify driver risks

Explore our fleet dashcam solutions


Connected dashcams

Seamlessly integrated with our fleet tracking system, our range of connected dashcams offer valuable insights into driver behaviour and incident details. You can view these directly within the Quartix system.

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Standalone dashcams

For fleets not requiring full integration, standalone dashcams capture high-quality footage of the road and vehicle surroundings. This footage can be downloaded from the device when needed.

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Which dashcam option is right for you?

Connected dashcams

  • Forward-facing and cabin/driver-facing options
  • Full HD footage at up to 25fps plus 256GB local storage
  • Automatically uploads events to Quartix server
  • Upload recent footage to the Quartix server
  • Access footage within Quartix fleet tracking at any time
  • Get emailed ‘event’ alerts
  • Tamper-proof, lockable SIM/SD card access cover

Standalone dashcams

  • Forward-facing and separate rear-facing window-mounted option
  • Full HD footage at 30fps with up to 128GB local storage
  • Share footage over Wi-Fi using Cam Viewer mobile app
  • Anti-tamper locking screws protect the SD card
  • Does not connect to your Quartix fleet tracking system
  • Does not highlight ‘events’ for you to review


M&Y Maintenance and Construction

“Since we started using the Quartix Dashcam solution in our fleet of vehicles, we’ve seen a significant improvement in safety and efficiency. The dashcam’s high-quality video and easy-to-use features have helped us mitigate risk and minimise downtime due to accidents.

Our drivers feel more confident on the road knowing that they have a reliable witness in case of an incident. The Quartix Dashcam has been an invaluable addition to our fleet management tools.”

Promote a culture of safety on the road and protect your business with our fleet dashcam solutions

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