Create Substantial Savings for Your Site-Based Fleet

Learn how your business can save money even when mileage is infrequent. Increase the productivity of your workforce by monitoring time on site and allocating jobs efficiently.

Watch the ROI of your fleet tracking system skyrocket

Discover how businesses whose vehicles remain at work sites for long periods or are only used to make short journeys can still create savings and achieve a return on investment.


Efficient job allocation

Keeping customers waiting costs a business, both in time and in reputation. But the extra driver time required for a longer journey, and the extra fuel used, has a price attached to it too. Find out how you can always send out the closest driver to a job site with vehicle tracking.


Improving driver behaviour

Are your company vehicles being driven in a way that leaves room for improvement? The Quartix vehicle tracking system will show you how harshly your drivers are accelerating and braking, and what speeds they have been travelling throughout the day so you can address and correct issues right away.

fleet manager and driver reviewing driving performance


Monitoring time on site

How often do you think your on-site staff arrive early or leave after their required working hours are through? Quartix can help you answer this question with the goal of streamlining your overall fleet efficiency.

Highways worker

What is the cost of…

employees leaving work


minutes early every day?

drivers taking an extra


minutes to reach urgent jobs?

not addressing just


instance of reckless driving?

Optimise fleet operations and generate savings even when your team stays on site.

Reducing costs doesn’t just happen when your drivers are on the road. Find out how businesses with infrequent mileage can still see a significant ROI from vehicle tracking.

“Quartix is all about seeing what your vehicles are doing and getting the best driving style out of your drivers. It enables you to reduce accident costs, maintenance costs and see a better fuel economy.”

– Karl Davidson, St Austell Brewery

Your guide to fleet savings

Get insights into how businesses that operate on site can bring down costs by using vehicle tracking to their advantage.