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Customer Service Guide

Achieving excellent customer service:
The advantage of vehicle tracking

A vehicle tracking system is a useful box of tricks when it comes to achieving great customer service. This guide looks at the many ways that a vehicle tracking system can help you to delight your customers, as well as simply showing you where your vehicles are.


Quartix response to Covid-19

We think it’s important to keep you updated on how Quartix is managing the unfolding situation as Coronavirus presents challenges to everyone across the world. Quartix is open for business as usual. We are, of course, taking official advice and adapting, but most of our customer base is carrying on as usual, and we are here to support you.


Time to learn? How to get more out of your tracking system

Free time is something we all want, until we get too much of it. But it can be invested well to help prepare your company to better cope when things get busy again. Here are a few ways investing time in your vehicle tracking system can help you and your business prepare for the future.

working from home tracking vehicles

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Engine hours Monitoring

Quartix MOT reports include engine hours data, offering greater insight into precisely how long a Quartix-tracked vehicle or asset has been running over a given date range. Knowing exactly how long your vehicles and machinery have been in use can be vital information in ensuring maintenance schedules and health & safety regulations are met.

CAse STudy

Madison Telecom

Madison Telecom is a telecommunications firm that provides a variety of CATV services throughout the southeastern states.  The company is a subcontractor for Comcast and has 95 vehicles on the road, some of which travel as much as three states away from the base in Georgia.  All Madison Telecom vehicles are fitted with Quartix tracking devices. 
“We track our drivers all the time and with Quartix, we’re able to find the trucks we’re looking for so easily” – Gary Adams, Fleet Manager
madison telecom


Dashboards Webinar

In this customer webinar, Ashley Bates, our Vehicle Tracking Expert, shares real-life applications, tips and shortcuts on how to use our Dashboards. This webinar covers: 

  • Usage profile
  • Number of appointments
  • Usage pie chart
  • Vehicles off-site
  • Real-time status

See for yourself how Quartix works with our fully interactive real-time demo.

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