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Take your customer service to the next level with van tracking

Businesses that use vans for deliveries or for carrying equipment between various sites benefit from the complete visibility that van tracking provides. Along with the overall advantages that telematics offers a business, such as instant access to trip reports and driving style analysis for its fleet, a vehicle tracking system enables companies to achieve excellent […]

The basics of eco-driving

Eco-driving, or energy-efficient driving, is a way of driving that reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while decreasing the risk of accidents. For companies who adopt eco-driving, it can lead to significant savings, both in terms of fuel use and vehicle maintenance. Embarking on an eco-driving initiative requires thought, planning, and awareness. The idea is […]

Using Vehicle Tracking to Streamline Your Business Operations

The cost savings that a business can achieve is one of the biggest benefits that results from implementing a good vehicle tracking system. But what reports will give you the tools you need to create them?  We’ll explain how to make those savings a reality for your company. You can divide the savings that businesses […]

How to reduce fuel and maintenance costs with a tracking system

The biggest benefit of a vehicle tracking system may be how much money your business could save. But once your tracking system is installed, how do you start creating those savings? We’ll explain where to look and what actions will make cost savings a reality for your business. The savings that customers see with a […]

Fuel Tax Calculations Made Simple with Quartix

Filing IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) taxes doesn’t have to be a headache.  Quartix’s IFTA calculator gives you the numbers you need, in the required format, within seconds. You’ll also be able to: Get accurate mileage and taxable gallons Reduce your paperwork Save time and decrease your stress IFTA and your business Most likely, you […]

John colgin

Meet the Team: John Michael Colgin, Sales Executive

In this Meet the Team series, we chat to John Michael Colgin, Sales Executive. John tells us all about working for Quartix, life in Chicago and his plans to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Four key benefits vehicle tracking offers to drivers

A lot has been written about the benefits of telematics for businesses and company owners, but vehicle tracking also offers valuable support to the people who drive a company’s trucks, vans or any other vehicles. Far from being a surveillance system implemented to punish employees, here are four ways that vehicle tracking can help drivers improve their skills, protect them from false claims and keep them safe out on the roads.

Andrew Kruzel

Meet the Team – Andrew Kruzel, Account Manager

In this Meet the Team post, we talk with Andrew Kruzel from our Chicago team. Andrew tells us all about working for Quartix, handling telematics-related issues and his love of sports.

Grant Herrejon

Meet the Team: Grant Herrejon, Installations Coordinator

In this meet the team post, we talk with Grant Herrejon, our Installations Coordinator based in Chicago. He tells us all about DePaul University, his love of Dodgeball and what it's like to work for Quartix.


Defining telematics and vehicle tracking

You may have found yourself wondering what the difference is between telematics and vehicle tracking. Both terms seem like they should be interchangeable… but are they? This blog post will demystify the two terms and outline the many benefits that using these technologies can bring to your organisation.

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