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How much does vehicle tracking cost in 2021?

We’ve answered your top ten questions in this guide to vehicle tracking prices to help understand what to expect from a supplier. You will find a checklist of questions to ask, to help you determine whether there are any hidden costs.

How your vehicle tracking system can help enforce your company speeding policy

It’s a company's responsibility to reduce the risk of accidents for its fleet. Here's how your vehicle tracking system helps to enforce your company speeding policy.

braking and acceleration

How does vehicle tracking calculate and use driver scores?

Quartix provides an easy-to-understand, colour-coded score for each vehicle or driver in a fleet, so that fleet managers can instantly recognise which drivers need to improve their skills. This score is calculated by looking at two important areas of driver performance.

Heavy Machinery

Engine hour monitoring: Why your vehicle tracking system should have it

Engine hours tell you how long a vehicle or piece of equipment has been running during a particular time, giving an accurate indication of vehicle use. This informs your maintenance schedules and health & safety compliance.

Cleaning professional working in pandemic

How has the pandemic changed the cleaning industry?

Cleaning procedures have strengthened in response to the global efforts to combat Covid-19, but companies must also look at the way they carry out jobs not only for the public’s benefit, but to safeguard their employees.

Managing your vehicles post-lockdown

Companies are now sending vehicles home with their drivers, so that employees can avoid public transport or going to a central depot. Find out how businesses can keep track of vehicle movements and adapt to these new ways of working.

Could vehicle tracking dashboards make your fleet more productive?

Just like the console on a truck or van gives you vital information while you drive, operational dashboards provide a simple, live summary of the data that your vehicle tracking system collects.

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Time to learn? How to get more out of your tracking system

Free time is something we all want, until we get too much of it. But it can be invested well to help prepare your company to better cope when things get busy again. Here are a few ways investing time in your vehicle tracking system can help you and your business prepare for the future.

5 tips for reassuring your customers during Covid-19

Customer service is at the forefront of a fleet manager’s mind, now more than ever. This post offers some tips for reassuring your customers, and identifies the many ways that a vehicle tracking system can help you offer a first-class service.

Working from home with the Quartix system

Many businesses have made the move to remote working during the current global crisis. Thankfully, the Quartix system can be accessed from any internet-connected device and a mobile app, meaning customers already have the necessary tools to see their vehicle tracking data wherever they are, without any disruption. Here are some tips to get you up and running!

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