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Latest Updates

IFTA reports can now be exported: You will now find an option to export your IFTA reports.

Password management: As an added security measure, administrators can now force users to reset their password. A checkbox has been added to the User Preferences screen to enable anyone logged in as an administrator to direct specific users to change their password on their next login. Only when the password is changed can the user continue to use the tracking application.

Simpler vehicle search: In live tracking, the column that previously contained vehicle initials and descriptions has been split into two separate columns, making your search for a vehicle in question even easier.

Password Changes

We’re always improving our system to make sure your data is protected.
Now, when you change your password, all other sessions logged in as the same user are re-validated by logging the user out of those sessions, as an added level of security.
Also protect against repeated attempts to guess a password, a login will fail if an incorrect password is entered too many times. Should this happen accidentally, an admin user will need to go into your account and change the password.