Quartix GPS Installation Options

Quartix Hardwired Unit

Hardwired with Installer

The Quartix Vehicle Tracking Device measures just 90mm x 55mm x 24mm, and weighs only 90g. The unit is completely hidden from view following installation which typically takes just 30-40 minutes.

Hardwired Self-Install

If you or your techs know how to wire in a car radio, you can install the Tracking Device yourself.

Quartix "Plug & Track" Unit

Quartix “Plug & Track” is an OBD self-install tracker ideal for those who may require a simple and fast way to switch trackers between vehicles.

As a plugin device the Plug & Track is easy to install and it comes with the same powerful and proven web-based reporting system you get with our hard-wired device.

Quartix "Connect & Track" Unit

Connect & Track is a simple and discreet self-install option for Quartix GPS vehicle tracking. Simply attach the device’s two wires to your vehicle’s battery, and in minutes you can access the telematics data for any journey that vehicle makes.

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