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Effective fleet management is as much about managing and coaching the drivers of a fleet, as it is about managing the vehicles. Browse our content to better relate to vehicle use from your staffs' perspective and communicate how, as drivers, they can bring about positive business results.

Driver Safety Road Risk Podcast

Driver roadworthiness: The key to incident prevention, with Mark Cartwright of UK National Highways

Get valuable road safety insights from Mark Cartwright of UK National Highways: tackling vehicle risks, prioritizing driver well-being, and leveraging fleet tracking data.


The Fleet Insider: A spotlight on driver coaching with Jason Fitzgerald

Jason Fitzgerald, Commercial Director ay Praiso joins us for the third episode of The Fleet Insider podcast. We discuss critical aspects of fleet safety and how technology can play a pivotal role in nurturing improved driving habits among your team of drivers.


Telematics Benefits for Drivers: How to Turn Skeptics into Believers

Catch up on our webinar with Automotive Fleet and discover compelling reasons to persuade your drivers that telematics will not only benefit their business, but also benefit them personally.


Operation Safe Driver Week: What you need to know

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's annual 'Operation Safe Driver Week' is just a few days away. Learn what it means for your fleet and how you can encourage a culture of safer driving.

Case study

Forest Green Lawn & Landscaping

"The Quartix system is very friendly to the user. I would recommend it to anyone who asks!"

crashed van safe speed

How Telematics Data Shifts Drivers Attitudes Towards Safety

Telematics data can help make company drivers think twice before engaging in risky driving behaviors that could cost more than just money.

us app guide cover

The Complete Guide to the Quartix App

Find out how to use the Quartix app, a free benefit of the Quartix vehicle tracking system that allows you to connect with your fleet at any time of day, wherever you are. 

fleet manager and driver reviewing driving performance

Improving driver performance: The pros, cons and alternatives to in-cab feedback

Many vehicle tracking companies have an in-cab feedback option as a way to improve driver behavior and reduce the risk of accidents, but there are several reasons why it might not be best for your business.


Driver Scores Guide

Our easy-to-understand, color-coded score for each vehicle or driver in a fleet lets fleet managers instantly recognize which drivers need to improve their skills. Find out how the driving score is calculated and how to use this feature.

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