Track Your Fleet’s Vehicles Anytime, Anywhere

Discover how you can always stay connected with your drivers by utilizing Quartix’s app.

Access Quartix reports and live tracking with ease

In this guide, you’ll learn how you can review your drivers’ journeys and their performance from any iOS or Android device and ensure you can always manage your fleet, no matter where you are.


With the comprehensive Quartix app, you can locate your vehicles at all hours of the day and see a complete picture of your fleet’s activity with a full list of vehicles and their current location, status, speed and direction, if they are travelling.


See daily driver behavior information directly on the app, so you can ensure your teams are driving safely, wherever you are. You can even give your drivers access to their own driving reports so they can track their progress and understand their scores.


Allow your drivers to mark the miles they travel as business or private via the app. Save time when reimbursing drivers for miles travelled during business hours by having this distinction clearly displayed on your reports.

Enjoy the benefits of Quartix vehicle tracking from your phone or device

Give yourself and your drivers the insights and advantages that come with the Quartix system, such as:

  • Live tracking
  • Trip information
  • Driver performance monitoring
  • Business vs. private mileage designation

“Using the app allows me to keep up with my trucks without having to stop and set up my computer.”
-Gard Bell, Team West Logistics

Your guide to the Quartix app

Get the most out of your tracking system with our comprehensive app, free with your subscription, that can help you manage your fleet on your schedule.