Reduce the Cost of Operating a Busy Fleet

Learn how to take control of your biggest fleet expenses. Drive down fuel use and preserve vehicle health.

Skyrocket the ROI of your fleet tracking system

See how businesses are using telematics in smart ways to create significant fleet savings

A fleet of



travelling up to


miles per year

can spend ~


$ annually on fuel


Optimize fleet mileage

Reducing fuel costs can be a fast way to make savings if your fleet vehicles are regularly driven for long hours. Companies operating in the logistics and haulage industry or passenger transport will likely find that this is one of their biggest business expenditures. Find out how a vehicle tracking system can help drive down fuel costs in our step-by-step guide.


Monitor waiting times

How much does it cost your business if your driver is waiting at a disposal site or a depot for hours? If this happens frequently, the costs soon add up and your business performance is likely to suffer. Vehicle tracking can help you keep track of waiting times, so that you can chase customers and suppliers that bring your productivity to a halt.

driver at wheel


Preserve vehicle health

When a vehicle is used a lot, it can dramatically shorten the life of certain parts and multiply the costs of maintenance. Harsh braking and acceleration, and driving at high speeds, will take their toll on a vehicle’s parts, especially on its tires. Find out how a fleet tracking system can help you encourage better driving styles and prolong vehicle life in our guide.


Create productivity KPIs and optimize fleet operations

Wasting a business’ time costs more than just an employee’s wage. Understand how your drivers are spending company time to ensure maximum productivity.

“With the reduction in fuel and increase in efficiency that we’ve seen, not to mention the help the system has provided in unfortunate situations like theft and false insurance claims, we’ve already seen a huge return on our investment.”

– Chris Lane, University of Birmingham

Your guide to fleet transformation

Get insights into how businesses are using fleet telematics to their best advantage, maximizing productivity and eliminating unnecessary costs.