Smiths (Gloucester) Ltd:
Construction & Waste Management

“Quartix was really simple, really easy to use and we had answers really quickly.”

Matthew Struczynski Fleet Manager

Smiths (Gloucester) Ltd is one of the largest construction and waste management companies in South West United Kingdom. The business has extensive industry experience and a strong reputation of trust, excellence and commitment. Specialising in demolition, construction and asbestos removal, transport and plant hire, skip and commercial waste management the business has around 500 vehicles on the road.

Fleet Manager Matthew Struczynski says, “Effectively what we have here is six different industries under one roof, so we have different mindsets and different skill sets.”

When he joined the business, Matt evaluated their incumbent telematics setup and decided there was a need to look at alternatives. “I needed something different, I needed something which worked for our business.”

A key challenge Smiths faced previously was the reliability of their telematics data. “Especially with the HGV fleet, it’s vital that we understand where the vehicles are, where they’re going, where we can re-route them to. In terms of road risk, we need really reliable data with strong integrity.”

Challenge of implementation

Following a trial with Quartix, Matt was sure he had found the right fit, however changing supplier presented a potentially daunting task “It’s a big project that’s in addition to the day job…Not only do we need to put new trackers in, but I need to take trackers out. So I’ve needed a lot of reassurance, probably more than most would in that sense.”

Matt was pleased with how Quartix handled the onboarding process. “I was introduced to an Implementation Manager who very swiftly took my concerns and quite simply put them to bed. They were listening to me and, ultimately, in turn I could trust what they were saying.”

“I wasn’t doing this on my own and that level of support was there. The communication was fantastic. I sent over a list of vehicles and details of the assets we have in the business and ultimately planning was completed by Quartix. The engineers went to other depots, they went to construction sites, colleague’s home addresses anywhere we asked them to go.”

“I understand the fear of moving trackers, whether it’s 5 vehicles or 500 vehicles,” he goes on. “It’s a big step and ultimately you’ve got to get the stakeholders across the business engaged in this and bought into it. Quartix effectively took care of that management side of it and just dealt with it for us. It had no negative effect on downtime, and no negative impact on resource or any division throughout the business.”

Relationship with Quartix

With his fleet fully onboarded and on the road, Matt continues to feel supported by his telematics partner. “We’ve finished implementation and the level of service is absolutely there. The relationship’s building. There’s a Live Chat, there’s a telephone number, there’s an email address genuinely answered really quickly.”

“I need to feel that with any supplier, we’ve got the ability to work together and part of that is the supplier’s understanding of what we need as a business. The biggest improvement I would say we’ve seen as a business is the engagement from across our entire team. They have confidence in the integrity of the Quartix data.”

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