Updated: Privacy overrides

12 February 2020

Our trip reporter feature has been extended to allow you to decide if trips are business or private miles.  You can set this up in the Company page as the default for all users or set it for individual users in the User configuration page. 

The main advantage in this update is that it’s now possible to mark past trips as private and business even if your company doesn’t have Driver ID or if a driver has forgotten to use their tag for a particular trip. 

This allows all fleets to enjoy the greater control over deciding which trips are private or business miles.  Drivers can manually classify their trips after they happened, instead of letting the system to do this automatically through the use of Driver ID tags.

By default, the Quartix systems considers all trips to be business trips, if no privacy settings have been established, but that can be overridden in several ways:

  • For each vehicle, you can decide whether to use Private/Business/Company default as the classification for a trip when there is no driver tag being used and there are no overrides for the trips.  This can be setup in the Vehicle configuration page.
  • For each specific driver tag, you can decide what is the default for that driver tag when the tag is in use or not in use. The default is that, when using the tag, it is a business trip, except if the user specifies a different value on the Driver configuration page.

Each individual trip can be overridden in the trip reporter feature. 

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