New! Proximity Indicators: Send help faster

18 July 2018

See how far all your vehicles are from a specific location

Live tracking with Quartix just got even smarter. The management suite now not only displays your closest vehicle to a specified address, it also shows where all your fleet are in relation to that location, listing your drivers from the nearest to the farthest away.

When time is of the essence, this means you will have all the data that you need to make swift and smart decisions, sending drivers straight on their way to your customers. In emergencies, this feature is invaluable. Dispatching the nearest vehicle to an accident site, for example, could be crucial to the event. But if your nearest vehicle is occupied, you’ll know exactly which vehicle is next on the list!

Quartix will not only display your vehicles’ distances from the site location, it will flag your drivers’ live statuses, be that ‘stationary’ or ‘travelling’, with detailed speed and direction information to help you make an informed plan of action.

Proximity indicators are yet another feature from Quartix to help you serve your customers and streamline your day!

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