Quartix Launches Easy-Install Option – Press Release

13 April 2018

Today Quartix, a global vehicle tracking and telematics services provider, announces the launch of a new installation option; Plug and Track. This is a new tracking device which is easy to install into the OBD port of a vehicle and increases the ease of installation and flexibility when moving tracking from one vehicle in your fleet to another, without having to disconnect the hardwiring.

Andy Walters, CEO at Quartix, commented: “The Plug and Track makes it really quick and easy to install the tracking device for our customers who wish to do this themselves. The Plug and Track has the advantage that you do not need an installer or vehicle mechanic to quickly get tracking set up and running. All you have to do is plug it into the OBD socket, turn your engine on for 3 minutes, which is enough for our system to detect the signal, and we’ll send the customer an email to confirm the set-up.”

The Plug and Track solution is ideal for those businesses who may have a need to switch tracking to different vehicles, for a number of reasons. Doing the installation yourself can reduce the costs associated with making these switches, where usually an installation engineer would need to be called for the hardwired tracking devices to be moved.

About Quartix

Quartix has delivered real-time vehicle-tracking and telematics solutions to fleets for over 17 years. Businesses choose Quartix because we offer cost-efficient solutions that are easy-to-use from installation through reporting. Over 13,000 companies are using Quartix solutions to gain actionable insight into vehicle movements, engine usage, driver behaviour, and fuel consumption. With short-term contracts and no auto-renewal, customers stick with Quartix to help them optimise their operations, while getting exceptional and personal customer service.

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