Time-on-Site Reports

July 12, 2018

See how long your vehicles are on jobs for

The Quartix system’s time-on-site reports allow you to pick a location and compile a report of each one of your vehicles that has visited that site in the chosen period, revealing the time spent there. They’re a great help in analyzing the cost of each job.

The feature improves the day-to-day operations of companies of all sizes. For example, a fleet manager in charge of several vehicles owned by a large construction company can know exactly how long their workers are on-site during overtime hours. By specifying the exact location of the site and accounting for the times highlighted, workers can be paid fairly and accurately.

Similarly, a small carpet-fitting company might want to increase the speed at which they complete jobs. The data sourced by the time-on-site reports can deliver helpful insights into the lengths of time they spend on each job and, in conjunction with other system features like the Daily Logs, the amount spent in between on the road as well.

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