Discover the benefits of vehicle tracking for drivers

Find out how telematics supports and safeguards the people who drive your vehicles

Coach and defend your employees with vehicle tracking data

In this guide, you’ll learn how vehicle tracking can help:

  • Drivers improve their skills and create a culture of safety
  • Resolve invoice or timesheet discrepancies to ensure drivers are paid fairly
  • Protect drivers from false insurance or accident claims with accurate location data


Safer driving habits

Learn how the insights you’ll get from vehicle tracking data can translate into clear steps you can encourage your drivers to take, in order to protect themselves and other drivers on the road.

fleet manager and driver reviewing driving performance


Just and fair compensation

With telematics providing concrete information, discover how to avoid inconsistencies in out of hours work, timesheets or invoices, ensuring that your drivers know they are being paid correctly.


Against bogus third-party claims

Understand how having vehicle tracking as a silent witness on your driver’s side can protect them from false claims of speeding, harsh braking, or even property damage.

Employ vehicle tracking and the data it provides to defend and protect your drivers

Utilize this guide to help address any concerns your employees have about telematics by showing them the benefits they will receive from tracking.

“Quartix vehicle tracking actually works in our drivers’ defense. It’s their personal protection in case of unfair claims.”

– Matt O’Conner, John O’Conner Grounds Maintenance

Your guide to driver’s benefits

Discover the advantages of telematics data from the driver’s point of view and ensure your employees are aware of how much vehicle tracking can assist them every day.