Vehicle tracking for the trades industry

Discover the benefits and savings that vehicle tracking can give businesses in all types of trades

Utilize telematics to monitor your vehicles so you can focus on the core of your business

In this guide, you’ll learn how your vehicle tracking system can help you:

  • Increase productivity with live location data
  • Ensure accurate accounting with detailed timesheets
  • Create a culture of safety with driver behaviour reporting

Tim Ferguson

Amy Marcle, Office Manager

“Because we know where our technicians are, we can arrange to send the nearest one to a job site and we can keep the customer informed as to how far away they are.”

How Does It Work?

With vehicle tracking, you can…

  • Keep an eye on your vehicle and employees’ whereabouts throughout the day and night.
  • Use trip reports and timesheets to ensure your customers are only being billed for the time you were on site and that your employees are being compensated for all of that time.
  • Watch how your drivers are behaving on the road and see which drivers need more coaching to ensure your vehicles are being handled safely.

A & R Pool Service

Donna Rawley, Owner

“Since our drivers are out on the roads in our vehicles, we like to watch how they are driving. We get a report from Quartix that tells us if they are speeding and by how much and if they are being reckless with our trucks.”

Provide excellent service to your customers whilst operating a safe, accountable fleet

Your guide to vehicle tracking for the trades industry

With vehicle tracking on your side, you can be sure that your business operates safely and efficiently.