Building a business case for a vehicle tracking system

Form a sound argument for change with tangible savings calculated using your own fleet data

Utilize this guide to illustrate the return on investment that a vehicle tracking system could bring your business

In this guide, you’ll find recommendations and information to help you:

  • Understand the upfront costs of installing a telematics system
  • Forecast your potential savings
  • Assess the risks to your business
  • Form a recommendation for your company


Your fleet setting

How many vehicles do you have, how many drivers, how many miles are driven every day…learn how you can use these figures to understand the potential for fleet improvements.


Costs and savings

Use this guide to help analyze the upfront costs of installing a vehicle tracking system or switching to a new provider, while calculating the return on investment you can safely expect to see, and assessing any potential risks to your business.


Your choice

Make a strong recommendation for vehicle tracking and/or a specific telematics company by using this guide to outline the criteria for success, whilst taking into account the bigger question of how your business requirements could change over time.

vehicle tracking system

Create a clear picture of how much value a vehicle tracking system will bring to your business

“Quartix is all about seeing what your vehicles are doing and getting the best driving style out of your drivers. It enables you to reduce accident costs, maintenance costs and see a better fuel economy.”

– Karl Davidson, St Austell Brewery

Your guide to building a business case

Learn how to make a solid case for vehicle tracking based on your fleet’s unique makeup and needs.