Greenridge Landscaping

“When we saw how easy the Quartix system was to use, and how reasonable the cost was, we didn’t need to look any further.”

Misty Absher Office Manager

Bottom line – Improvement

Greenridge Landscaping has been creating landscapes for its southern Illinois customers for over forty years.  But, it’s not just their beautiful landscapes getting all the attention. It’s also their outstanding customer service, which has been recognized with awards from both Best of Houzz and Angie’s list.

Quartix vehicle tracking helps Greenridge Landscaping ensure optimal customer service in several ways.  For example, if a customer has an emergency, such as an irrigation issue, office staff can locate and reroute the team members who can provide the fastest help. When customers have billing questions, data on exactly when company vehicles were on site helps quickly reconcile discrepancies. On top of that, simply knowing the system is there keeps staff on their best behavior.  Greenridge Landscaping office manager, Misty, explains, “Having the Quartix system installed has ensured our team members remain both safe and efficient, which is great for customer service, vehicle wear and tear, and the bottom line.”

24/7 Tracking​

When Greenridge Landscaping locks their vehicles in the lot for the night, weekend, or season, they feel peace of mind knowing that Quartix vehicle tracking would alert them to theft and help quickly recover any stolen vehicles. And this peace of mind extends into every -day operations.  Misty explains, “If anything goes wrong with scheduling, invoicing, or theft, we have the data right there.  We know exactly where our trucks are at all time. That means a lot as a sole office manager.”

Perfect for small businesses

As a small business, Greenridge Landscaping needed a solution that was both easy-to-use and cost-efficient. Quartix was the answer.  Misty explains, “When we saw how easy the Quartix system was to use, and how reasonable the cost was, we didn’t need to look any further. Our company is small—like family—so Quartix was perfect provider for us.”

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