Van tracking

How much does vehicle tracking really cost?

Navigate the fine print in fleet tracking supplier contracts, uncover hidden costs, and make informed fleet decisions

Arm yourself with our top 10 questions to ask any supplier

Get a useful checklist to help you spot any hidden costs in a supplier’s contract, including:

  • Do your vehicle tracking contracts auto-renew?
  • Should I expect cancellation fees if I end my contract?
  • What is the notice period if I don’t wish to renew?

Features & integrations

Choose the right package for your needs

Suppliers often provide varied package options, offering extra features at an increased monthly cost. These can include monitoring driving habits and operational dashboards. You will also find suppliers who offer integrations between the tracking system and other technology.

If these features would bring value to your business, check how much they affect the monthly cost. If a supplier’s standard package includes features that you don’t envisage needing, consider whether a more streamlined option would be better for your fleet.

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Contract flexibility

Control how long you are tied into the contract

Contracts that auto-renew can leave you forced into extending a service that you might no longer want and prevent you from seeking a new fleet tracking solution. It’s best to try to avoid this all together and choose a company that does not auto-renew its contracts. Some providers will transfer you to a monthly rolling contract if not directed otherwise, leaving you free to cancel at any time once your initial term has expired.

Remember to also check what the notice period is for cancellations and understand any charges involved.

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Extra costs

Know what’s included in your subscription

Some of the biggest extra costs can be installation and set-up charges, that you may not realise a supplier will charge on top of your subscription fee. We have included a list of potential extras for you to discuss with suppliers, including their tracker device options and how easy it will be for you to have a tracker moved to another vehicle or removed all together.

A helpful and responsive fleet tracking support service can be a life-line for your fleet. Check that the supplier has good support levels and ratings, and that this is also included in your subscription.

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Your guide to navigating fleet tracking contracts

Understand the fine print in fleet tracking supplier contracts, uncover hidden costs, and make informed fleet decisions with this guide and checklist.