Enforce a speeding policy for your business using vehicle tracking insights

Reduce the risk of road accidents by establishing your goals for reducing speed, outlining expectations for your drivers, and utilizing telematics data to monitor progress.

Learn how excessive speeding directly affects safety and results in higher overall costs

Eliminate these consequences by using vehicle tracking to coach your drivers into better behaviors.


of speeding on your business

Fines, vehicle wear and tear, damage to your reputation, injury and accidents—in this guide, you’ll discover just how detrimental speeding can be to your company and your drivers.


from your vehicle tracking system

Speed analysis, driver behavior reports, driving scores—these tools from your telematics system give you the power to outline necessary changes and coach your drivers into performing better.


of a company speeding policy

Clear cut expectations, regular reviews, incentive schemes—having guidelines for how your business handles excessive speeding can help you avoid negative consequences and safeguard your employees.

Ensure your drivers are aware of your company’s commitment to safety with a clear speeding policy

“If a driver is involved in an accident, it’s not only a huge worry for us, it’s also incredibly costly for the business. Safe driving is a part of our cost saving agenda.”

– Matt O’Conner, John O’Conner Landscaping

Your guide to enforcing a speeding policy

Drive down incidences of excessive speed and make journeys safer by using vehicle tracking data to support company guidelines for speeding and driver behavior.