A & R Pool Service

“We needed a vehicle tracking system to make sure our drivers are where they are supposed to be,”

Donna Rawley Owner

A&R Pool Service is a family-run pool and spa maintenance company with 14 years of experience. Based in Barnegat, New Jersey, the company also offers pool inspections and water testing for homes and businesses all along the Jersey shore.

Switching to Quartix vehicle tracking

In 2020, owner Donna Rawley started searching for a new and reliable vehicle tracking system to monitor the 10 vehicles in the A&R Pool Service fleet.

“We were working with a different vehicle tracking supplier, but we weren’t happy with their service,” says Donna. “We found Quartix after an internet search; it was the right price with the right features.”

“It was easy to switch to Quartix,” Donna explains. “We started in March, right at the beginning of all the coronavirus restrictions.” A&R Pool Service’s tracking device installation was arranged quickly and safely. “The tracking devices were installed within a few days and we were up and running with no delays – which was amazing considering the circumstances. And since the system is so easy to use, we had no trouble getting started.”

Live tracking on the go

“We needed a vehicle tracking system to make sure our drivers are where they are supposed to be,” Donna says.

A useful tool for A&R Pool Service is the Quartix mobile app, which is available for iOS or Android.  The app allows an owner or fleet manager to monitor vehicle location and driving style at any time of day, from any location.  It’s the perfect tool for a busy pool service company with maintenance staff at multiple job sites.  “Quartix lets us keep an eye on our vehicles, wherever we are – from the office or on our phones with the mobile app.”

Monitoring driving style

“Since our drivers are out on the roads in our vehicles, we like to watch how they are driving,” Donna continues.  “We get a report from Quartix that tells us if they are speeding and by how much and if they are being reckless with our trucks.”

Quartix’s suite of driving style reports give a wealth of useful information about driver performance by the day, week or month by assigning each vehicle a driving score. These scores can be compared across an entire fleet to see who is driving safely and who is taking more risk than necessary. The color-coded reports are easy to understand; drivers with a score in red need more attention than those with amber or green scores.

The Quartix difference

“Switching to Quartix has been a really good experience,” Donna says.  “Even through the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve had no issues with reaching them and getting our devices installed.  We look forward to working with Quartix and seeing the savings we can make with the vehicle tracking system!”

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