Team West Logistics

Everyone at Quartix has been more than helpful–very courteous and quick with answers and solutions.

Gard Bell Manager

Instant fleet data

Operating out of Montana, Team West Logistics is a small trucking company that transports food products via refrigerated trailers across the whole of the United States.

Before the installation of the Quartix vehicle tracking system, Team West manager Gard Bell struggled to provide a delivery time for his customers without calling his drivers.

The Quartix vehicle tracking system lets him verify their locations simply by checking the real-time tracking map, even on his phone.

“The real-time tracking is the most important feature for me. Using the app allows me to keep up with my trucks without having to stop and set up my computer.”

Optimize fleet performance

“Bell keeps down fuel costs for his fleet by regularly monitoring the data he gets from Quartix.  “The daily reports also help me plan for fuel consumption and idle times with each truck and keep up with mileages, speeds, and location.”

By checking mileage, speed and driver style, he ensures that his fleet continually achieves their optimum performance.

“There are many ways in which the Quartix system can improve services, for any size fleet,” says Gard.  “Accurate updates to customers, improved performance of the fleet, an opportunity to find cost savings and driver improvement.”

“Set up was simple. We installed the devices, sent in the information, and were set up within a day,” he goes on to say. “It’s worked great for me.”

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