Eco-Driving Techniques:
The Driver’s Guide

Educate your drivers on how to achieve a better fuel economy for your business with small changes to the way that they drive.

Better fuel-efficiency starts with changing mindsets

Eco-driving requires thought, planning, and awareness. Learn how to encourage smarter, safer journeys for your fleet.

Underinflated tires use


% more fuel

Change gears at



When stopping for over


seconds, turn off the engine


Substantial fleet savings

Adopting better driving styles has been proven to reduce fleet costs, through decreasing fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs, while reducing the risk of accidents. Find out about eco-driving techniques, and how to target problem driving behaviors with the help of a fleet tracking system in our guide.


Reduced environmental impact

Eco-driving helps to minimize the environmental impact of your business by reducing fleet emissions. A vehicle tracking system can help you monitor your fleet’s emissions to see just how much difference this makes.


A safer fleet

Employing the eco-driving techniques in this guide will help your drivers navigate the roads more safely and fuel-efficiently. Gradual acceleration and braking minimizes risk, and insurance companies favor businesses that can demonstrate good driving styles across their fleet.

Reduce your business’ carbon footprint

Small changes to driver behavior to improve the environmental impact of your fleet

“Now when our crews turn in time cards and work sheets, we can use the tracking system to confirm the information they are turning in to us. Also, our fuel bills are lower due to the trucks following posted speed limits and our ability to measure their driving style.”

Tom Benoit, Rocky Branch Contractors

Encourage your drivers to adopt better techniques

Explore the benefits of eco-driving and establish good practices for your drivers that will help them drive more efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.