Revolutionizing Fleet Management: Russell Landscape’s Use of Quartix Fleet Tracking

Hear how General Manager, Will Dutton, successfully keeps track of a 200+ landscaping fleet from his Ruskin, Florida branch office, and how Quartix vehicle tracking helps him optimize operations.

“The service is impeccable. We would absolutely recommend Quartix… it’s so important that we get good fleet data and we’ve found that it’s really accurate.”

Will Dutton, General Manager

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Tracking a Landscaping Business Fleet

Established in 1987, Russell Landscape is a family-owned, full-service landscaping, lawn maintenance, and irrigation business covering Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee. The business employs approximately 450 people and its 200+ fleet is comprised of trucks and vans. The whole fleet is tracked by Quartix, including some mowing equipment. General Manager, Will Dutton, spoke to us about his experience with the Quartix fleet tracking system.


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Managing Driver Risk Across a Large Fleet

For a business such as Russell Landscape, with hundreds of vehicles spread across multiple states, knowing the physical location of each vehicle is paramount, but it’s also extremely important that Will is always aware of how his drivers are behaving on the road. Quartix has a suite of driving style reports designed to provide accurate, insightful information on speeding, harsh braking and excessive acceleration. “I love Quartix’s driving style reports,” he says. “I know right away who is speeding and I can quickly correct bad driving behavior.”


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Explaining the Benefits of Fleet Tracking to Staff

By eliminating excessive fuel expenditure and unnecessary maintenance and repair costs, Russell Landscape sees the benefits of fleet tracking in its bottom line. Everyone in the company, including the drivers, reaps those rewards. “Bringing the Quartix system into play wasn’t a shock to our drivers, because we presented it as a savings tool. Those savings are seen by our drivers through our profit-sharing program. If we have expensive accidents and speed incidents, that limits our returns and, therefore, limits their compensation.”

fleet manager and driver reviewing driving performance

“I love Quartix’s driving style reports. I know right away who is speeding and I can quickly correct bad driving behavior.”

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