Telematics Benefits for Drivers: How to Turn Skeptics into Believers

August 2, 2023

How does telematics support a fleet’s drivers?

While telematics undeniably holds significant value for businesses, some drivers still harbor reservations about having their vehicles tracked.

Catch up on this insightful Automotive Fleet webinar – Join Sean Maher and Anne-Laure Schellenberg from the Quartix Sales Team as they explore the countless benefits of telematics for fleet drivers. Discover compelling reasons to persuade your drivers that telematics will not only benefit their business, but also benefit them personally.

What will I learn from this webinar?

  • What fuels driver skepticism, and how to overcome it
  • How telematics protects your drivers against false claims, complaints and scams
  • The benefits of automatic data capture
  • How telematics helps if your vehicles are stolen
  • How telematics supports your drivers in an emergency
  • The dangers of driving for work, and keeping your drivers safe
  • How driver scoring works and how to use this to coach your drivers

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