How vehicle tracking helps a landscaper throughout the day

November 6, 2019

For a landscaping business, every day can bring new challenges and opportunities. Vehicle tracking can help you, the landscaper, overcome those challenges, from early morning work scheduling to after-hours vehicle monitoring.  No matter the time of day, having a tracking system allows you to improve your business’s productivity, accounting and safety, while still having enough time to focus on the job itself.

Morning: Scheduling the workday for optimal performance

The start of the day is a busy time.  You’ll be assigning jobs to employees, establishing how many jobs are booked in, and estimating if any emergency appointments can be taken.

Vehicle tracking can help you tackle more jobs per day and minimize fuel costs by optimizing routes between locations, thereby decreasing time on the road and increasing time on the job.  You’ll be able to keep jobs running on schedule even when employees call in sick or when extra help is needed by knowing exactly where your staff are and reallocating as needed.

Over time, vehicle tracking data can show how long certain jobs typically take, making it easier to optimize staff allocation, based on available resources and potential profit.

Afternoon: Vehicle tracking to keep you on track during the day

When you and your employees are on the road during the height of the day, travelling between jobs, safety is one of the biggest things on your mind.  Vehicle tracking with driving style analysis records how your drivers are driving, showing who needs the most improvement in order to lessen the risk of accident and unnecessary vehicle maintenance. Also, if a customer reports that a landscaper didn’t turn up when expected, the vehicle can be located and assistance sent in case of accident or illness.

Route and speed data can help exonerate landscapers who may be subject to false claims, for which business vehicles are often an easy target.

Also, you’ll be able to provide better arrival-time estimates by tracking your vehicles’ progress throughout the day.  You can check that regular lawn-care maintenance was performed as scheduled by confirming stops at custom-defined locations.

Evening: Paperwork made easy with fleet management tools

When the day’s jobs are complete, you can turn your attention to the administration of your landscape business.  Even here, vehicle tracking can be of use by reducing the amount of time you spend on paperwork through timesheets and driver logs.

Tracking data can confirm whether fuel and overtime claims align with miles travelled and time at job sites, reducing false claims while also reassuring employees that they will receive the pay due to them without having to fight for it

You can also help ensure that your billing is precise by examining how long employees have been at various job sites.  If any billing disputes arise, such as when a customer suggests that your landscapers were not on-site for as long as the bill reflects, vehicle tracking provides proof of where your drivers were and when.

After-hours: Peace of mind with vehicle tracking

When the working day is over, vehicle tracking is still an asset to your business, providing a way for you to ensure that your vehicles are not being used out of hours without your knowledge.

With geofencing, you can set up geographic areas where your vehicles should or shouldn’t be and establish times for each area. For example, if an employee takes a vehicle home at night, you can designate their home address as mandatory zone between 7:00pm and 6:00am.  If the vehicle moves during that time, you’ll receive an alert, so you can investigate the incident.

Tracking 24/7 with Quartix

Vehicle tracking keeps you connected to your vehicles at any hour of the day.  With a mobile app, such as the one available with Quartix, you can easily see the whereabouts of your fleet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With all the benefits vehicle tracking can provide for your landscaping business, it makes good business sense to adopt a system—you’ll feel the returns on your investment all day.

To see how SS Landscaping Services uses Quartix vehicle tracking to help keep track of their company assets and encourage better driving, read our case study.

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