Keeping your drivers safe
in the Covid-19 pandemic

March 25, 2020
Topics: Risk Management

All businesses are adjusting their practices to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep their customers and employees safe.  Luckily many offices can arrange for their staff to work from home, but companies that rely on face-to-face business have had to temporarily close.

The common factor in the businesses that will keep going, even in the event of a nationwide lock down, is that they are reliant on drivers and transportation systems. Food must be delivered to stores. Medicines and medical equipment must get to hospitals. But what this also means is that drivers, couriers, technicians–anyone reaching out to help those in isolation–must take extra care to protect themselves and stay healthy while they are supporting the community.

Here are a few essential, preventative measures for you and your drivers to keep in mind if you are still on the frontlines. Even with social distancing, it’s vital to be diligent.

Preparing at home

Before starting the day, wash your hands with soap and water, making sure to follow the standard guidelines of at least 20 seconds. 

Stock your vehicle with sterile gloves, disinfectant spray or wipes, or even face masks if your job requires close contact.  It’s important, as you move from job to job, to try to reduce any transmission, as well as to avoid any personal infection.   

keeping safe

On the road

When receiving or delivering any packages or handling any equipment, use gloves and be diligent about wiping those items down or spraying them with disinfectant. Dispose of used gloves and wipes right away. It might be convenient to carry a small trash bag with you, but be sure to throw that bag away at the end of each day. Also be certain to wipe down personal items such as your phone, credit cards, or sunglasses. Even cash should be either wiped down or handled with gloves.  

At the end of each job, wash your hands (or use sanitizer if handwashing facilities are not available). Always wash your hands before eating during the day. 

At the end of the day

Wipe down the interior of your vehicle at the end of the day. Your door handles (interior and exterior), dashboard and audio controls, gear shifts, even your sun visors—anything that you have touched during the day should be disinfected. Wash your hands again when you arrive home, following the same good hygiene practices.   

Your overall health is important

These are difficult times and it’s not just your immediate health that you should look out for, but your overall fitness, including your mental well-being. Make sure you are getting enough rest. Even though the restrictions on driving time have been relaxed during this crisis, your safety comes first. Eat regularly, even out on the road—keep your immune system strong. Most importantly, take time out for yourself. Read a book, watch a movie, play a game. Recharge your batteries.   

Drivers keep the community going by ensuring that food and supply lines remain open and that vulnerable people have the resources they need even in their isolation. These guidelines help protect everyone and reduce your risk of spreading or getting COVID-19.   

The health of our employees, customers and the community are foremost in our mind and we encourage everyone to stay safe and take care of each other through this unprecedented time. 

Download this advice as a PDF for your drivers. 

To see how Quartix has adjusted its working practices, read our statement.  

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