Meet the Team - Sean Maher, UK Field Sales Manager

31 October 2018

Tell me a bit about yourself
I have worked for Quartix for over 10 years and in the vehicle tracking market for 18 years.  I’m  based in Warwick and I have been married for 25 years. I have two grown-up daughters, aged 23 and 21. I own a holiday home in the Cotswolds and spend most weekends in that area, which allows me to relax. My wife and I enjoy taking city breaks and we have found some great places to visit over the years. Barcelona is our favourite city and we’ve visited there a number of times.

How do you find it working for Quartix?

Well, I guess 10 years of service shows that I enjoy working for Quartix and (so far) they’re happy for me to continue!!! There is a family feel to the business, although it has grown massively since I joined in 2008. I think we employed around 25 people back then. I have a great team supporting me to ensure that what I promise my customers, we deliver, and that allows me to sell the product with complete confidence.

We do not promise what we can’t deliver. It’s an ethos I hold very dear, as many people in sales practically tell the customer what they want to hear to get their business and that is a dangerous way to win customers.

What do you think is the best thing about Quartix?

I work in an environment where closing business is key. The senior management team leave me to get on with that role, knowing that I am focused on that goal. Of course, when their support is needed, it is there unconditionally.

Whats a day in your life like?

‘The early bird catches the worm’, as the old saying goes, so most days I am on the road at around 6 am, heading off for my first meeting. My area is pretty large – I cover from Wolverhampton to the South Coast, so I do a lot of miles in a week. My aim is to meet around three new customers from self-developed and office leads. I am then tasked with understanding what the customer needs and how I can support them. Once I have an understanding of what they need, I then present Quartix to them, showing them how we can meet and exceed the expectations they have set out for me. After the initial meeting, I will send them a full proposal that details the areas we covered. Once the order has been placed, I will always ensure their first training session is done by me – I feel that because I sold Quartix to them, I should be the one to train them on the system in order to meet their goals. During the contract term, I will also re-visit the customer to ensure everything is working well and support them with the system.

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