New Live Tracking Page

See vehicle speed and direction

Quartix has introduced additional icons on our Live Tracking page that improve readability and give our customers more information at a single glance.

These additional icons show the current status of your entire fleet:

  • The ‘black square’ shows you that the vehicle has stopped with its ignition off
  • The ‘pause symbol’ shows you that the vehicle has stopped with its ignition on
  • The green arrow indicates a speed lower than 30 mph
  • The yellow arrow indicates a speed between 30-50 mph
  • The blue arrow indicates a speed between 50-60 mph
  • The orange arrow indicates a speed between 60-70 mph
  • The red arrow indicates a speed greater than 70 mph

This new road map lets you not only see the speed of your vehicles, but also their direction, in real-time.

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