The Quartix van tracking system shows you where your vans are, 24/7. The system’s wide range of van tracking reports offer valuable insights to help you reduce the costs of fleet operations and improve productivity, whether you have just 1 van or 500.

Businesses use van tracking technology to maximize their vans’ fuel consumption, monitor driver behavior and automate driver timesheets using journey start and finish times – the benefits really are abundant. We’ll take a look at why businesses use van tracking and how it works in more detail below.

How does van tracking work?

Our van tracking device is simply fitted into the vehicles and within minutes your fleet will be closely tracked via GPS within the Quartix system. Using the live tracking maps, you can follow your vans’ movements in real-time and the system will log daily fleet activity for you to review. No additional software is necessary to use the Quartix van tracking system; everything is accessible online – there is even a mobile app for van tracking on the move.


Each van is fitted with our simple-to-install van tracker, enabling second-by-second GPS tracking.


The powerful Quartix software records each van’s movements and keeps a detailed log of speed and idling 24/7.


Discover your best drivers and make sense of mileage with our simple reports delivered straight to your inbox.


Quartix arms you with insight to reduce fuel costs, improve driver behavior and optimize fleet operations.

The Quartix van tracking system offers an array of useful features to help you efficiently manage your fleet of vans. Find out more about the van tracking features available with Quartix.

Why customers choose Quartix

There are many reasons to choose Quartix for your van tracking needs. Our customers cite the following reasons for choosing Quartix:

  • 5* Trustpilot rating and proven customer service with awards
  • 19 years of telematics experience
  • Contracts that don’t auto-renew
  • Flexible rental options and no hidden fees
  • Free tracker warranty and mobile app
  • Free online and phone support

When we saw how easy the Quartix system was to use, and how reasonable the cost was, we didn’t need to look any further.”

Misty Absher

Greenridge Landscaping

Why do businesses track their vans?

Van security and van theft: Company vans can often be a target for theft, as they are likely to contain valuable equipment. Having van tracking installed means that your vans can be recovered easily, and you will be alerted to any unusual movements right away.

Unauthorized van usage: Geofencing alerts notify you of any unauthorized use of your vans at weekends or in the evenings, meaning you can keep a close eye on the van’s mileage as well as sanctioning company vehicle use.

Protection of van drivers: Your drivers and your company may face accusations from time to time, from clients disputing work that was completed or perhaps regarding a traffic collision. Van tracking can provide solid evidence to protect you and your drivers if this situation arises.

Safety on the road: Quartix van tracking helps you stay compliant with van safety checks, to monitor your drivers’ whereabouts and locate them in the case of an emergency, and to encourage safe driving behavior.

Meeting daily targets: Some businesses need their vans to make a certain number of deliveries or visits during the day and it can be hard to regulate those numbers. Van tracking dashboards can be set up to alert you if your daily target isn’t met by a certain time of the day, turning your attention to the group or individual that is underperforming right away.

Taking care of the vans: A good van tracking system lets you plan for vehicle down-time and set maintenance date reminders, so that your vans are always looked after. Driver behavior reports also let you correct driving styles that are detrimental to the van health, nipping any bad habits in the bud before your vans start to suffer the consequence. See our Eco-Driving guide for some useful tips!

What are the key benefits of van tracking?

Van tracking offers businesses a whole host of benefits, that support all areas of the company operations. Some of the advantages are seen out on the road with the drivers, some are monetary savings, and some benefits are apparent in the level of service a company can provide.

We group the benefits of van tracking into the following areas:

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Streamlined admin tasks
  • Reduced overall operational costs
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Operating a greener fleet
  • Better vehicle and driver safety
  • Assisting van compliance
  • Greater productivity
Jack Armstrong

“We can simply see mileage and time recordings on the system, rather than asking our drivers to check their dashboards”

Jack Armstrong, Maintenance Manager

SS Landscaping Services

To give context to the benefits that our customers experience and how a van tracking system creates those benefits, we’ve elaborated on some of these points below.

Demonstrate efficiency to your customers

Respond quickly to customers and allocate drivers effectively with our live tracking maps. Useful features include the postcode lookup and custom van icons

Optimize your fleet productivity

Plan for vehicle downtime, keep track of service dates and get a complete picture with our fleet utilization dashboards. Set daily productivity KPIs and receive alerts if those aren’t being met. Geofencing alerts can also be used to make sure drivers aren’t arriving late or leaving sites too early.

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

Spot unauthorized van use and only pay for business miles with the help of our daily driver logs. Achieve more economical fuel consumption and keep your vans in the best health by monitoring and correcting driver behavior.

Enjoy stress-free and accurate accounting

Get daily or weekly emails showing you driver hours, journey times and mileage. Our timesheet reports are in Excel format and contain detailed start and finish times for every trip, meaning every minute is accounted for.

Be in control of your vehicle use

React to unathorized vehicle movements fast with the help of our geofencing alerts. These allow you to set up zones and rules to make sure your vans are only used when and where they are meant to be.

Know your best and worst drivers

See which of your drivers are driving your vans most economically and safely, and reward that behavior. Our driver behavior reports and driver league table let you work with your drivers to improve driving habits.

Il lab pic

“I think it’s well priced and extremely easy to use. It works!”

Jon Snyder

Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Your van tracking FAQs answered

There are 3 different installations options for our van trackers. Some customers opt for a hardwired device, which is usually installed by an engineer. There are two simple self-install trackers that allow a little more flexibility. Find out more about van tracker installation.

Our self-install van trackers are very easy to move between your vans, making them a popular choice for companies with leased vehicles. Find our more about our simple, plug-in OBD tracker, the Quartix Plug & Track.

We offer a variety of different plans and contract lengths, to suit all of your van tracking requirements. Take a look at the different tiers available for system features as a first step, and our team can provide you with a quote. See the van tracking plans.

Van tracking offers a wealth of benefits for your drivers as well as your business. They will experience greater accountability and receive coaching to refine their driving style, but will also be covered in the event of a collision, be safe in the knowledge that their location is available in the case of an emergency and protected against any false claims. To help convince your drivers this will benefit them, see our Vehicle tracking benefits for drivers guide.

With our driver ID key fob readers, it’s easy to differentiate when each driver was using your van. The driver ID reader device will alert your driver when their ID fob is not present, making sure journeys are always assigned to a driver.