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7 January 2015

My time at Quartix has taught me that communication is one of the most important lessons to learn in the workplace. The relationships our customers, installers and members of staff all share with one another demonstrate the staying power of our installation teams. This is a lesson I like to drive home to my teams: respect between peers will carry you a lot further than anything else.

It can be difficult to balance a professionally-driven installations department with a warm and approachable team in an extremely busy environment where short notice cancellations and appointment bookings are commonplace. Despite the large amount of work that comes in, our installation teams repeatedly beat their monthly targets in line with Quartix’s year-on-year growth.

Since starting my role, I have worked at great lengths to increase the reach and stability of the Quartix vehicle tracking engineer network. As such, the average installation window is now less than 5 days per customer. This, combined with the rapport our installation team members hold with individual customers and installers, guarantees we see returning business on a regular basis. Keeping customers happy is paramount to success!

All of our engineers are independent, which gives them the flexibility to book work with other vehicle tracking companies as well as Quartix. In return, we don’t pay retainer fees. So, without this financial limitation to contend with, we are free to employ as many engineers as an area may require, as well as keep the customer’s costs as low as possible. The only concern we have when sourcing a new engineering company is quality of work and experience.

As a result, Quartix has access to a pool of over 200 engineers across the whole of the UK. Crucially, this ensures our engineers have a steady flow of work available and that Quartix is able to maintain a high level of coverage to meet continual demand.

Although everyone on the team has specific roles, we also look to help each other in any way we can. Everyone chips in to make the work flow more effective, creating a positive and productive environment where everybody can contribute.

Paul Hills, Vehicle Tracking Installer with Autotech (UK) Herts Limited:

Having worked for Quartix for many years we can confidently say that the service they offer is outstanding. Most of the customers we meet comment on how impressed they are with the service, or how much better the experience is compared to other suppliers they’ve tried.

From an engineer’s point of view, Quartix are a pleasure to deal with and we are proud to be associated with them. All of the staff strive to provide the best service to their customers, which is what we try to do as well.

The Quartix vehicle tracking product is of a high standard: it is simple to install, very reliable and suitable for many different applications. The company’s keen approach to research and development also means that the unit and software is constantly evolving to keep up with competitors and market changes.

Well done, Quartix – keep up the good work.

As Installations Manager, Selena Davies heads-up the fleet and insurance installations teams at Quartix. She started in 2005 as the third employee of the company.

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