Meet the Quartix team – John Smith, Sales Manager

13 December 2017

In a new ‘behind the scenes’ series, Alys Smith, HR Generalist at Quartix, interviews Quartix staff to learn more about our company culture, to find out what it’s like to work at Quartix.

For her first interview, Alys speaks with John Smith, Sales Manager for Comparison at Quartix, to learn more about his experiences.

Tell me a bit about yourself

I’m originally from Newtown, and as such, I’m very proud to work for such a reputable local company that continues to grow stronger.

Professionally, I’ve come from a background that includes time in both B2C and B2B setting, and I have several years’ experience in both customer service and sales. My motivation is not just the initial sale but the whole process, including the vital after care and support we want our customers to receive. That’s why I like working for Quartix: we have a heavy focus on customer service.

What’s it like to work for Quartix?

Quartix is a fast-paced environment with passionate staff. It’s great to be part of a successful team. We are continually developing and growing, with a real focus on the customer experience. The people here have a great, forward-thinking attitude. The ability to bring ideas and suggestions to the table means everyone helps in continually raising the standard of not only the service we provide our customers, but also the working environment. Lynne Austin, our Head of Sales and Operations is supportive and definitely knows what she’s talking about, which makes this a really exciting time to work for Quartix.

What’s the company culture?

Everyone takes responsibility for their roles, and our goals are to grow our customer base and retain existing customers.  Staff here are accountable. They take pride in ensuring that existing customers are getting the most from every aspect of the service we provide. Communication is both respectful and efficient and no one is afraid to take on extra responsibility to make sure the job gets done. That’s hugely important to me in a work environment, everyone working towards the same goal!

What would a typical day in your sales team be like?

We always respond quickly to customer enquiries and we target prospects in an educated and friendly manner. A lot of time is spent building rapport and encouraging prospects to tell us the issues they have with their fleets, so we know what solutions we can provide to help meet their needs. We endeavour to ask the right questions at the right time. Every day is packed with phone calls and tailored emails, lots of interaction with people, all of us generally striving to meet our targets. There is always a great buzz on the sales floor in the Chapel office.

How would you describe the sales team at Quartix?

The team are driven and passionate about Quartix and Sales, setting individual daily and weekly targets to achieve all our goals. We employ a range of skills to guarantee we connect with prospects. We listen, we learn, and ultimately we advise what benefits we can offer to help provide a solution. Good attitude and forward thinking are required with a good line of communication running throughout all departments. The team loves the sales process we use here at Quartix, and the best part is that we have fun whilst also achieving the best results for our customers and the company!

What’s next for the sales team at Quartix?

We’re expanding the team and recruiting right now, looking for people that we can nurture to grow into confident team members. With the help of the team and with in-house training, we’d be able to get a new person up to speed in no time. Currently, we are looking for someone to support our UK Sales team, but we’re also expanding our US Sales team!

Can you tell me more about these roles?

We’re looking for people to work 1–9pm Monday to Friday (US hours) in an account support role. These hours are flexible and we can accommodate part-time people who may have home commitments they need to work around. This role will include providing sales information to potential prospects, to promote and sell the Quartix product and benefits. Once the prospect shows interest, the lead would be passed on to the sales team. The successful candidate would be responsible for their own portfolio of existing customers and for creating a positive experience that ensures customer retention. We’ll provide coaching and guidance from our highly experienced team to support the new employee.

How can I apply?

If you are interested in applying for either the Sales Support UK role or our US Account Support role, please contact with Alys Smith on 01686 213747 or you can send your CV to [email protected].

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