Meet the Quartix Team – Alison Ashley

30 May 2018

This week, Alys talks to Alison Ashley, Quartix’s Customer Resources Manager.

Tell us about your time at Quartix

My time at Quartix started in 2005 and I was the 5th employee working in a small office in Newtown. Quartix now operates from 6 offices and has over 140 employees, so I have seen many changes!

I am very proud to be a Quartix employee and have always strived to have positive interactions with colleagues and customers. I find the culture at Quartix to be conducive to producing a positive and progressive atmosphere where we help each other to achieve the best possible results for the customers.

I currently work in our Account Management team and enjoy solving customer issues and making our customers happy. My job role involves a lot of interaction with our existing customer base and it is a great opportunity to make connections and build relationships with people. The job can be challenging but it is always good to gain a positive result and maintain the level of service that our customers expect, this always gives a positive boost to my day.  My day to day work can be very varied and it is not always possible to predict, but we are always responsive to customer requests.

I am currently very excited to be part of a series of live monthly webinars that we are producing to train our customers and help them understand how they can tailor its usage to help them gain even more benefit from the system.

And a little bit more about you?

I come from a small village called Overton in Hampshire and moved to Wales  to live in 1999 and have since relocated to Stoke on Trent to live in 2010 where I work from home for Quartix. I have been married to Russell  for 28 years and have a daughter and my faithful doggie work buddy Alfie!

In my spare time I am learning to speak Spanish and am a member of the Staffordshire Anglo Spanish Cultural Society and most weekends I can be found travelling around the countryside in my camper van.

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