Track business mileage for tax compliance

Learn how you can easily classify the miles travelled by your fleet into business and private. Keep your records up to date and accurate with vehicle tracking.

Submit your figures to HMRC with confidence

See how you can record detailed information for your vehicles for precise tax filing.


Reporting private vehicle use

Using a company vehicle for private use is a benefit-in-kind and requires employers to pay income tax on its value. Fuel is also a taxable benefit, so it must be recorded as used for business or private mileage in vehicles that are used for both.


Stiff penalties for non-compliance

HRMC penalises companies for failing to pay proper tax revenue, so it’s important to make sure you are declaring benefits-in-kind. Relying on manual records is risky, while vehicle tracking can present clear and precise data.

van driver in urban area

Configure your business and private miles with Quartix

Through our website or our mobile app, it’s easy to configure each of your vehicles’ privacy settings and mark the miles travelled as business or private, at any time.

“Each of our drivers has access to the Quartix mobile app. They use the app to tell us which of their miles are private and which are business miles. We receive a report with this information and then we can reimburse the drivers for the miles they drove for company business. It’s an effective system and it’s made our mileage reports easy to manage across our fleet.”

– Aaron Brooks, Home Bargains

Your guide to fleet tax compliance

Ensure you and your fleet are always conforming to tax regulations by using Quartix vehicle tracking to help record and report your benefit-in-kind taxes.