Telematics Benefits for Drivers: How to Overcome Scepticism

Understand how a vehicle tracking system can be a valuable tool not only for your business, but for your drivers themselves

“Vehicle tracking actually works in our drivers’ defence. It’s their personal protection in case of unfair claims.”

Matt O’Conner, Managing Director, John O’Conner Grounds Maintenance

Championed by 25,000 Fleet Managers Worldwide

False claims

Vehicle tracking protects drivers against common complaints

Sean and Anne-Laure describe various real-life stories of how a fleet tracking system has provided evidence that a driver was where they were meant to be, and that they were driving at an appropriate speed for the road.

Whether you’re dealing with complaints from your customers, from members of the public, or you need to prove that an accident wasn’t your driver’s fault, your telematics system arms you with the evidence to keep them in the clear.

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Emergency assistance

Send help to your team member’s location pinpoint, fast

Occasionally, your drivers might find themselves in trouble. This can be a significant concern when workers are out on their own with no-one nearby to alert. The ability to pinpoint their location in case of emergencies becomes crucial and can make a life-saving difference.

Explore compelling stories from our customers, showcasing instances where our tracking solutions have proven invaluable.

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Safe driving

Help your drivers to learn safer driving techniques

With the right approach, insights into your teams’ driving habits can be used as a platform for improving your employees’ professional driving style, reducing vehicle wear and tear, and minimising road risk.

Sean and Anne-Laure share their thoughts and experiences of how businesses can communicate Quartix driver scores with their employees for the best results.

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