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Use Driver Scores to Assess Your Fleet’s Performance

Discover how Quartix driver scores are calculated and how monitoring them can help you improve safety and efficiency across your fleet.

Employ Quartix’s daily driver scores to help coach your drivers into better driving habits

Learn how diving deep into driver performance and affecting change can:

  • Reduce the risks of road accidents
  • Lower your fuel costs through better fuel economy
  • Improve your brand’s reputation
  • Protect your drivers from false claims


With telematics data, every driver is given a daily score based on their driving performance; these scores are colour-coded for easy analysis, so you can easily see where improvements need to be made.


Speed, acceleration and braking—these factors are key to establishing driver performance, but are weighed against other factors, such as the severity of the individual events, to arrive at a final driver score.


Analysing daily driver scores allows you to recognise and incentivise drivers who consistently achieve high scores, while empowering you to make positive changes in drivers who need more coaching.

Utilise Quartix’s comprehensive vehicle tracking reports enhanced with driver performance data

Give your business the necessary tools to coach your drivers into better driving scores and reap the rewards of a safer, more economical fleet.

“We’ve seen around a 20% improvement in driving style across the fleet. Since using Quartix, our drivers are now in the 80-100 driving score range, which is where we wanted to be. We’re doing daily briefings with the drivers and they can easily see how their driving style has improved.”

-Karl Davidson, St Austell Brewery

Your guide to better driver performance

Recognise how improved driver scores can benefit your business and create a safety-conscious, efficient mobile workforce.